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2 Best Butt Shaping Exercises and Why your Glutes are Weak

Many women have a hard time shaping their butts. Some men do too. It’s not a very good look. You need something to hold your pants up.

The reason that most people have a hard time building their butt is because they are doing the exercises the wrong way. Here are 2 great exercises for butt shaping as well as mistakes that most people make with them.

Best Butt Shaping Exercises Demonstrations

Before the demonstrations, Holly talks about why your glutes are so important and why people have problems targeting their but with these exercises.

Warm-up Exercise

Activating your glutes with a proper warmup  3:42

1 – Hip Bridge 4:57


  1. using back to raise up
  2. using hamstrings to lift


2 – Squats 7:55


  1. weight in toes
  2. knees buckle in
  3. rounded back, folding forward
  4. dropping to bottom, no control


Watch the video as Holly demonstrates the mistakes that people are making with these exercises.

In this video is Holly Rigsby of Fit Yummy Mummy and the program mentioned in this video Trouble Spot Solution.


What other butt exercises are you doing?

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