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3 Trisets Workout – Adventure Race Workout

I was just looking through some videos of past TT workouts and came across this great one. It’s the adventure race workout. Probably be good as an amazing race workout as well.

I like quick workouts and this workout is filled with trisets so it makes it quick. More workout in less time.

Here are the 3 trisets that are included in the workout.

Adventure Race Workout A

Triset 1

  • ring pullups or dumbbell rows
  • dumbbell chest press
  • stability ball leg curls

Triset 2

  • dumbbell reverse lunge
  • strap pushups or decline pushups
  • strap row

Triset 3

  • stability ball pike
  • stability ball rollout
  • renegade row

Some of those strap exercise can be substituted if you don’t have a set. Just use a comparable exercise with the equipment that you have.

This video was from Turbulence Training. The workout is from the Adventure Race workout of the month from April 2012.


How did you like that workout? Did you substitute any exercises?

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