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4 Bodyweight Arm Exercises to Build Athletic Muscle

When I say bodyweight workout you are probably thinking of squats, lunges and pushups. What if you want to workout your arms too? Well here is Chad Howse with 4 bodyweight arm exercises that you can do at the park on a nice sunny day. All you need for these is a chin-up bar which you can find at almost any park that has a playground. These exercises are also great if you have a bar at home.

4 Bodyweight Arm Exercises

  1. muscle-ups 0:40  (targets your biceps and triceps)
  2. bodyweight curl bicep focused chin-up 1:15  (targets your biceps)
  3. 30/30 chin up 1:40  (targets your biceps)
  4. bodyweight skull crusher 2:05  (targets your triceps)

Take a look at the video for demonstrations of each of these exercises.

In this video is Chad Howse creator of the Power Howse Challenge.

Now taking the kids to the park isn’t an excuse for not getting your workout done. 🙂

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