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5 Best Tricep Exercises for a Killer Tricep Workout

There are many different tricep extension exercises that you can use for your tricep workout. I still find that I seen many guys trying to build muscle with tricep kickbacks.

I have a video today from Jimmy Smith about the 5 Best Tricep extension exercises you can do for a great tricep workout. Not only does this workout make use of your triceps it’s great for your core.

5 Best Tricep Extension Exercises

  1. One arm dumbbell chest press
  2. Incline tricep pushdown
  3. Decline tricep extensions
  4. Cable tricep pushdown
  5. Behind the neck tricep extension

Watch the video for a full demonstration of the exercises.

In this video is Jimmy Smith from The Physique Formula.


What is your favorite tricep exercise? Leave us your comments.

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