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5 Kettlebell Ab Exercises

Kettlebell Ab Exercises aren’t hard to find when you are doing kettlebell exercises. Since most kettlebell exercises work your full body and core they also work your abs. The unique thing about kettlebell exercises is that in addition to working out your abs these exercises also help you to burn fat because kettlebell workouts stimulate your metabolic rate.

Unlike traditional weight training, with kettlebell training you are getting a weight training and cardio fat burning workout in one. Here are some kettlebell ab exercises you can do in a small space at home.

5 Kettlebell Ab Exercises

Here is a video featuring Craig Ballantyne and Chris Lopez from Kettlebell Revolution. They are going to show you 5 of the best Kettlebell Ab Exercises. No more need for doing those boring crunches.


With the Kettlebell overhead, keep your knees straight. Brace your abs and lower your opposite hand down to the ground while keeping your eye on the KB up overhead. Be sure not to let your back round. Do all reps for one side and then switch arms.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells swings are unique and important exercise because they stabilize your abs and work them the way they were meant to be worked. With your arms stretched out below, grab your kettlebell with both hands and use only your hips and your legs drive the Kettlebell forward. Let your arms just hang on for the ride. You aren’t really doing anything with them. Make sure to keep your upper and lower body braced at all times and maintain a flat back.

Around the World Kettlebell Exercise

It is important to brace your abs and squeeze your glutes at all times for this ab exercise. Start by taking the kettlebell behind your back, then switch hands and bring the Kettlebell around front while handing off to the other hand in a continuous motion.

It is important to maintain an upright torso and go as fast as possible throughout. Do all your reps in one direction and then switch and go the other direction. The focus of this ab exercise is to resist rotation, this will work your abs intensely.

Kettlebell Renegade Rows

Kettlebell Renegade Rows are probably one of the Kettlebell Ab Exercises you wouldn’t even think of. Most people think of this as an upper body or chest exercise. It does workout your upper body but it is also great for using your stabalizing muscles to stop your torso from rotating once you remove one of your arms from the kettlebell. Your focus should be to keep your abs and glutes nice and tight. To make this exercise easier place your feet farther apart. If you would like it to be more difficult you can place your feet together or just balance on one foot.


The halo is done by holding the kettlebell with both of your hands at chest height then bring it back behind and around your head and back to the start. Once you bring the kettlebell around in one direction, stop it and go back in the other direction. This is another ab exercise that is resisting rotation and bracing the abs.

5 Kettlebell Ab Exercises Video Demonstration

I hope you enjoyed 5 of the best kettlebell ab exercises that you can do in a small space in your home.


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