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5 Mountain Climber Variations for a Great Core Workout

When I say bodyweight abdominal workout you are probably thinking of sit-ups or crunches. These are some of the old school exercises that some people still use. I prefer planks or mountain climbers. Mountain climbers can be done at any level depending on which version you use. Many of the Turbulence Training workouts use the mountain climber exercise.

5 Mountain Climber Variations

Here are 5 variations from easiest (#1) to hardest (#5). If you are a beginner make sure you have numbers 1 and 2 down first before you start moving to the more difficult versions.

  1. regular mountain climber
  2. cross body mountain climber 0:34
  3. mountain climbers with stability ball or cross body mountain climbers with stability ball 0:55
  4. cross body mountain climbers on a  stability ball 1:37
  5. mountain climbers with hands on the bench and feet on the ball 2:00

Here is Chris Lopez (Certified Turbulence Trainer) to demonstrate the mountain climber variations.

To find more exercises and workouts like these go check out the Turbulence Training fat loss workouts.

How did you like those exercises?

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