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5 Pull-up and Chin-up Variations for a Great Back and Rock Solid Core

Many people tend to use the cable pull-down machine or smith machine at the gym to do their pull-downs and chin-up type exercises. These are great for people that haven’t developed enough strength to do them freely on their own.

Some gyms also have a chin-up/pull-up station that has a counter balancing weight that is under your knees to assist you if you can’t lift your full weight. This is the best option if you can’t lift your own weight.

5 Pull-up / Chin-up Variations

  • old school chin-up
  • neutral grip chin-up
  • wide grip pull-up
  • narrow grip pull-up
  • alternating grip

The alternating grip is great for improving your deadlifts or if you play hockey.

Check out the video for a demonstration of these.

In this video is Jimmy Smith from The Physique Formula.


What kind of pull-ups are your favourite. Leave your comments.


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