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7 Benefits of Cardio Workouts at Home

Cardio workouts at home are a great way to workout inside or outside depending on whether or not you are using equipment.

Benefits of Cardio Workouts at Home

There are many benefits to doing cardio workouts at home as opposed to doing your cardio workouts at the gym.

Cardio Workouts at Home Save Time

Doing your cardio workouts at home you are saving the time that I would take you to get to the gym and back. The amount of time depends on how far you live from the gym but the average time savings would probably be in the 20-30 minute range. This doesn’t even take your waiting time at the gym. There have been times that I have been at the gym and had to wait for cardio machines because it was so busy. There are some gyms that have hundreds of these machines so this might not be a problem that everyone has.

Save Money

If you are doing all your cardio workouts at home you are saving the cost of a gym membership. The savings will be larger if you aren’t spending your money on home fitness equipment. A gym membership where I am can be anywhere from $400 – $800 per year depending on the quality of the gym that I choose. In the last year I bought a TRX Suspension Trainer, dumbbells, exercise mat and a few exercise e-books. I still did not even come close to spending $400. This equipment is going to last me for more then this year and my family can also use it as well.

Workout Intensity

I have worked out at the gym for over 15 years and it always seems like my workouts are less intense there. It might have some thing to do with there being so many distractions or people always asking for a spot. I always try not to make eye contact and shy away from conversations because I like to keep my rest periods short.

Variety of Workouts

At the gym there are only a couple different choices for cardio workouts. Will I use the bike, elliptical machine, treadmill or rowing machine? The only other option is a cardio class. The machines can get pretty boring and I don’t get a very good workout from them. This is probably because I am watching TV while using them. If you can watch TV during your workout then it isn’t a real workout. At home I have many options for cardio workouts. I have done some P90X cardio, Tae Bo, Bodyweight Cardio with Turbulence Training as well as other cardio DVD’s. These were all fun workouts. There are also various cardio workouts at home that you can get for the Wii fit and X-Box kinect. There are dozens of workouts for these entertainment systems. Some of the games that aren’t even workouts will provide a cardio workout. I was playing one of the dancing games and it provided me an entertaining cardio workout. It wasn’t as intense as a regular cardio workout though.

Workout Anywhere

Do you hate working out inside during the summer months? I always feel like I am wasting the nice weather if I am working out inside. I try to skip through my workout to get it done as quickly as possible so I can get outside. Home cardio workouts allow you to do your workout inside or outside depending on what workout you are doing. If you do a cardio workout that doesn’t need equipment then you should have no trouble doing ti outside. There are many boot camp style workouts that you can do outside in your back yard.

Workout with your Friends

I know a lot of people want to workout at the gym so they can workout with their friends. Who says you can’t workout with your friends at home? If you have enough room to do your workout then you may have enough space for the two of you. In the summer you can get a group of friends together and take turns working out in each others back yards.

You Do Not have to Look Good

Many people have to be sporting their designer workout clothes when they go to the gym. When you are working at home you can wear whatever you want. I know I am to lazy to change into some respectable looking clothing but maybe that is because I am married. All those single people have to be looking good because they never know when they are going to meet Mr. or Miss Right.

Try out some cardio workouts at home on your day off from the gym.

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