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Adriana Lima Diet and Workout

Adriana Lima Diet is here to bring you the diet of Andriana Lima the Victoria’s Secret model that is turning heads everywhere. If you didn’t already know, Adriana Lima gave birth to a daughter and somehow still has a flawless figure.

Adriana Lima Diet

Adriana Lima’s secret to staying fit and healthy is her diet. I read that one of the tricks of the Adriana Lima Diet is to bring her own food to a restaurant. She actually brought a salad of spinach, bell peppers, chicken and oil free dressing just so she could keep with her diet.

Adriana Lima Diet Plan

In the next couple weeks I’ll be looking closer at the Adriana Lima diet and exercise plan so I can bring you some more of her tips that give her that slim feminine physique that so many guys love and women want. The Adriana Lima diet plan has some extreme measures and I’ll be back later this week to post about them.

Adriana Lima Diet and Workout

Adriana Lima Diet is probably one of the more unorthodox diets of the Victoria’s Secret Models. It is actually kind of extreme. This diet people are talking about is the one that she uses to get ready for the big Victoria Secret fashion show. Her normal diet just involves focusing on portion control like many of the models do.

The regular Adriana Lima diet that she uses is based on portion control although she does eat healthy in addition to this. She usually eats vegetables with steamed or grilled meat.

Adriana has been known to bring her own food to restaurants as well when she is eating out with friends. No she isn’t cheap she is just watching what she is eating and her calories. Her salad contains spinach, chicken, bell peppers, and oil free dressing. This is quite an extreme measure just to stay on a diet. You would think that there would be something on the menu that she could have or I would think that the restaurant would have these items and they could make one for her. 

Adriana Lima Diet Plan

Here is a sample day of the Adriana Lima Diet.

Breakfast for Adriana is usually egg whites, walnuts or muesli, plain yougurt, oatmeal and fruit. She will also have a coffee with skim milk.

Lunch for Adriana consists of 4 oz. of grilled meat like steak, chicken or seafood as well as a serving of vegetables.

Dinner for Adriana is the smallest meal of the day. She usually has a small salad and finds that a small meal at the end of the day helps her to sleep better.

Adriana will also have snacks which may include: fruits like bluberries and strawberries, vegetables like carrots, celery and cucumbers. Some times she will also have organic honey or some chocolate. 

Adriana Lima Liquids only Diet

The Extreme Adriana Lima diet that everyone is talking about is the diet that she uses for the 9 days up until the big Victoria Secret fashion show. This is a liquids only diet that she sticks to for 9 days. The diet is strictly protein shakes and a gallon of water a day. Two days before the show she will reduce the water to a normal amount and then when she is 12 hours way from the show she won’t drink any liquids. Adriana says that this is done to dry out and apparently you can lose up to 8 lbs doing this. It’s almost like she is trying to make weight for a competition.

She was quoted saying:

 “I know it’s very intense but…I just have an athlete’s mind and I appreciate doing this thing”. “It’s not that I do crazy diets throughout the year. I just do it for this particular thing. After this show, I become normal again!”

It actually makes some sense the way that she puts it. This isn’t something that anyone should try at home though. I’m sure you aren’t preparing for a Victoria Secret fashion show that 8 million people are watching anytime soon so you probably shouldn’t be going to these drastic measures. Her workouts leading up to the show were also pretty extreme as well. 

Adriana Lima Workout

In addition to following an extreme diet leading up to the Victoria Secret fashion show, Adrian Lima also has an extreme workout that she does 2 times a day during this time.

Adriana Lima likes intense workouts and gets bored if she isn’t moving around. Her workouts include boxing and jumping rope. She doesn’t like lifting weights or using machines because it is boring to her.

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