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Alessandra Ambrosio Diet and Workout

Alessandra Ambrosio diet is here to bring you Alessandra’s diet and exercise routine that she uses to stay slim after having a baby. The key to Alessandra’s success is that she eats well and exercises.

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet

The Alessandra Ambrosio diet is made up of a variety of healthy foods but the real key to her diet is variety. She is always trying to eat different things. If she has a craving she will fulfill her craving with a small amount. I’ve seen her menu for a couple days and it doesn’t look that far off from an average person. The only thing is that she makes sure she has the right portions and doesn’t overdoo it like so many people do.

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet is the diet that the brazilian Victoria’s Secret Model beauty uses to stay slim for when she walks the runway. It is the key to her staying so vibrant and beautiful even after giving birth. Many women are wondering what is involved in the Alessandra Ambrosio diet.

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet

Unlike most supermodels, Alessandra Ambrosio doesn’t restrict her diet much. She eats foods that she likes but trys to eat smaller portions of them which is a good strategy. The reason that so many people are fat these days is because they are eating out at restaurants and most of the portions are created for a 250 lbs man.

Alessandra Ambrosio likes to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, soups and salads and they keep her skin moisturized during the summer. She is naturally thin but still keeps portions in mind when eating her meals.

Alessandra’s favourite foods are black chocolate, chocolate fondue as well as Japanese and Thai cuisine. 

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet Meal by Meal

As I stated before it seems that Alessandra Ambrosio doesn’t have a specific diet but just makes sure to eat good foods, with the exception of fulfilling some cravings in small portions. She controls her portions and eats a variety of different foods and this seems to be working for her.

Here is a typical day’s meals for her.


Alessandra loves eggs that she wouldn’t mind eating them every day. It’s a good thing that they are healthy for you. She mixes it up with some eggs Benedict, poached eggs or scrambled eggs. Scrambled are the only eggs she knows how to make. She also likes to have bread, a bagel or fruit for breakfast. If she is in a hurry she will skip breakfast. This isn’t a normal thing though.


Lunch can be a bit more difficult because she is always in a different place. Sometimes when on a photoshoot she will just grab a piece of fruit. Sometimes if she is at home she will order takeout from a Japanese restaurant called Mishima. Her favorite choices are miso soup, salad and spicy tuna rolls.


For dinner Alessandra likes to eat out at Japanese BBQ restaurants where she can eat red meat and steak. She would be ideal for a date because this sounds like foods that most men would like.
If she gets hungry in-between meals she will have some nuts or fruit on the go. As you can see her diet isn’t restricted. She just watches her calories so she isn’t overeating. This is something that everyone should be doing as most people tend to overeat. I even do it myself sometimes. 

Alessandra Ambrosio Weight and Height

Many women want to know what Alessandra Ambrosio’s weight and height are so they can set their target goal and get a similar figure to her. Here is what I have found out about her.

  • Alessandra Ambrosio’s Weight is 112 lbs or 51 kg.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio’s Height is 5 ft 10 in.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio’s Age: She was born on April 11, 1981 which would make her currently 30 going on 31 this year.

 Alessandra Ambrosio Workout

Alessandra works hard in the gym to keep her great figure. She wants to focus more on her buttocks area so she will have a real brazilian butt which she thinks will get her more lingerie campaigns.

Many years ago Alessandra Ambrosio began working with personal trainer Leandro Carvalho. Her focus was to tone her butt without bulking her legs. This is a hard thing for many women to do. Most women that use personal trainers end up with a program that works out everything evenly and they end up looking like a mini version of a guy with big thighs which they don’t want.

The Alessandra Ambrosio workout contains fat melting cardio, brazilian dance and lower body sculpting moves. The combination of these workouts targets all the muscles of your butt. She also uses bodyweight workouts and gym equipment as well. She doesn’t care for the treadmill so she goes walking instead.

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