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Batman Workouts for The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Workout will feature workouts from actors and actresses in the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises”. This film is scheduled to be released in movies on July 20th, 2012. This is the third film in the Dark Knight trilogy. Batman will be played by Christian Bale, Tom Hardy has been cast as Bane and Anne Hathaway will be playing Selina Kyle (Cat Woman).

Batman Workout Routines from The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale Batman Workout

Christian Bale will be playing Batman for the third time in the newest film of the Dark Knight trilogy. Christian Bale’s batman workout consisted of explosive powerful movements, compound exercises, speed and agility training.

Tom Hardy Bane Workout

Tom Hardy is portraying Bane in this batman movie and he intended to play it more menacing then it he was previously portrayed. Tom Hardy gained 30 lbs of muscle for the role of bane by increasing his weight to 198 lbs.

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Workout

Anne Hathaway has been case in the batman movie as Selina Kyle or Catwoman who is an associate of Bane. Anne has said that this is her most physical role she has played. Anne Hathaway worked out 5 days a week in preparation for the role of Selina Kyle. Anne’s workouts included rigorous exercise and stunt training along with an hour and a half of dance.

Batman Workout – Christian Bale

Batman Workout done by Christian Bale to bulk up for the Dark Knight Rises was quite an exceptional one. The reason that Christian Bale’s transformation for batman was so exceptional is because he had previously filmed the Machinist which he played an anorexic insomniac that only weighed 120 lbs. In 5 months he gained about 100 lbs of muscle to become a super fit superhero.

The Batman Workout that Christian Bale used for the Dark Knight Rises was an extreme one since he had to gain so much weight in a short period of time. When Christian started the batman workout he couldn’t even do one pushup. All of his muscle was gone from his role in the machinist. This makes his batman transformation that much more impressive.

Batman Workout

The Batman workout that Christian Bale used for the Dark Knight Rises consisted of a 3 day workout routine. The first day focused on strength training exercises, the second day was speed training and the third day was an endurance workout. The fourth day is a rest day and then days 5 through 7 repeat the first 3 days.

Batman Workout 1

  • Chin-ups and bent over rows superset. These two compound exercises are used to warm-up for the other heavier exercises.
  • High Pulls – This is a great explosive exercise that starts from the floor and goes to your chin.
  • Clean and Press – This is a great mass building exercise that uses multiple muscles.

Batman Workout 2

  • Sprints – Take 60 second breaks in between sprints.
  • Squat Jumps – Use lighter weight as you don’t want to risk injuring yourself when jumping.
  • Lunges

Batman Workout 3

  • Dumbbell Flys and Bench Press – This is a warm-up of 3 sets of 12 reps each.
  • Bench Press – Lower the weight slowly then lift it up explosively.
  • Jumps – Create a square on the ground. Jumps are done by jumping form corner to corner in no specific order. Just do random jumps.

Keys to getting a Batman Body

If you are looking for the Batman workout because you want to get a body like batman then there are two key things that you need to know about building muscle like batman. There are phases that you should go through to reach your goal of a batman body like Christian Bale.

Batman Workout Phase 1 – This phase focuses on Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. This is where you gain muscle size.

Batman Workout Phase 2 – This phase focuses on Myofibrillar Hypertrophy. This is where your muscles get harder and stronger.

Batman Workout Phase 3 – This is the leaning up phase. Fat burning strategic cardio and increasing the density of your muscles is what this phase is about.

There is the batman workout that would workout to get a rock hard ripped body like Christian Bale.

For a program that uses these exact steps follow Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Tom Hardy Bane Workout

Tom Hardy Bane Workout is here to provide information on the workout that Tom Hardy used to get in shape for the role of Bane in the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises is the third of this Batman trilogy and Bane is a masked villain of Batman’s. Bane (Tom Hardy) is a muscle laden brawler who was created through a prison experiment which has given him super strength and agility from a secret steroid drug called Venom.

To prepare for the role of Bane, Tom Hardy was told that he needed to gain 30 lbs of muscle. Tom Hardy met the task of gaining the 30 lbs to become a beast of a man before filming started on May 20th, 2011 and the movie is set to release on July 20th, 2012. Tom’s weight after he gained the 30 lbs was 198 lbs.

Tom Hardy Bane Workout seems to be pretty tight lipped right now but I believe that closer to the movie we will see more about how he trained for the role of Bane.

Tom Hardy Bronson Workout

When Tom was working out for the role of Charles Bronson he didn’t have any specific regimen. His workout consisted of press-ups, push-ups, abs work and resistance training with his trainer Pnut. The approach that he took to gain weight was to do a lot of repetitions to send a message to his muscles which is a great way to make your muscles grow. His goal was to get dense muscle and build up his forearms, chest and neck.

Here is a video where Tom talks about his workout.

The most important thing you can learn from this video is “training smart” and doing the right workouts for your goals.

That is one thing that the Visual Impact Muscle Building course is all about.

Tom Hardy Bane Workout – Does it Exist?

When you really thing about it is there any possible way that Tom Hardy could actually workout that much in 3 months to look like the monster bane that is shown in the comic books. I don’t think so. Many people are speculating that Computer generated imagery (CGI) will be used to make Bane seem larger than life in “The Dark Knight Rises”. This would make sense because Tom Hardy is actually shorter then Christian Bale but will need to look taller in the movie. The director Christopher Nolan is apparently a wiz with CGI so I am sure he will be using it strategically to enhance the physique of Bane.

How to do a Tom Hardy Bane Workout

Well you may think that it is hard to do a Tom Hardy Bane workout when we have no idea what Tom Hardy is doing for this workout. The truth is that it isn’t that hard. You can actually look like anyone that you want without even knowing their workout routine. All you have to do is follow the right program.

When Tom Hardy was working out to become Charles Bronson he focused on training muscles to fatigue to build significant mass. His focus was on compound upper body exercises that worked his chest, shoulders, neck and arms. His workout is built around increasing strength, increasing speed and also power. These workouts combine bodyweight exercise circuits with strength training and cardio.

Get the Results of a Tom Hardy Bane Workout

There are many ways to get the same results with different workouts. Visual Impact Muscle Building is a great way to get the body of Bane. Over the years there have been many ways to build muscle, lose fat and get in shape. People have used different types of equipment or even their bodyweight and gotten similar results. It doesn’t matter how you get to the finish line, you just do what you have to get there. The common element that is included in all of these is dedication and sticking with your workout and diet.

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