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Best Workout Routines

I thought I would combine all of my favorite workouts routines onto one page so you can compare them. I feel that this will make it easier for people to make a decision on a routine that is best suited for them.

In no particular order.

Best Workout Routines

For Men and Women *Fat Burning Workouts*

Turbulence Training

Turbulence Training is the workout routine that I used for my first transformation that I lost 34 lbs in 12 weeks. The turbulence training package includes many workouts and some diet tips as well. All of the workouts include pictures of the exercises along with descriptions. The unique thing about turbulence training is that it is for men and women of all ages. The main manual comes with workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees.

There is also a forum that you gain access to for a month free. You can be a fly on the wall or chat it up. If a transformation contest is what you crave then they are usually starting 3 times a year (January, May and September).

Check it out here –> Turbulence Training

Visual Impact Cardio

The third of the Visual Impact series is the cardio program. If you just want to go back to old school cardio on your favorite cardio machine then this is for you. The book explains the different types of cardio you can do and how to make them more effective for fat loss. Most people are doing cardio workouts that are releasing fat cells or burning fat cells. The thing is they don’t know which. You have to do one before the other for the most efficient fat burning.

Rusty also includes cardio machine routines for each level of trainee.

Check it out here –> Visual Impact Cardio


For Men and Women *Lean Muscle Building*

Reveal the Steel

Reveal the Steel PdfReveal the Steel is a Diet, Training and “4 Stage” program for a year round ripped physique.

This program was created for men and women so they can have a program that they can use year round to get in and stay in fantastic shape. The unique thing about this is that it works for both genders so you and your significant other can use the program together.

Some of the things that Reveal the Steel program reveals are:

  • How to set expectations that you can meet so you aren’t let down when you don’t get the results you are expecting.
  • Teaches you about the things that are keeping you from getting the body you have always desired.
  • Foods you can eat all year
  • How you can eat foods like ice cream, cookies, cake as well as drink beer, wine and liquor all year while still maintaining a great looking body.
  • How to calorie count so you don’t have to do it ever again.
  • The ups and downs of Intermittent fasting.
Check it out –> Reveal the Steel 

For Men *Lean Muscle Building*

Visual Impact Muscle Building

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program was created by Rusty Moore. Rusty is a great guy and has become a friend of mine. I wish I had this muscle building program when I started working out. VIMB is a muscle building program to teach you how to build lean muscle, not the big muscles like WWE stars have. This the type of muscle that Taylor Lautner or Brad Pitt have.

There is also a unique strategy in this program for getting six pack abs. If you follow the program through you’ll be looking great in 6 months.

Check it out here –> Visual Impact Muscle Building 


For Women *Slim Feminine Physique*

Visual Impact for Women

Rusty’s men’s program was so popular the women were getting jealous. Now the men are jealous. In my opinion the women’s course is the best of the Visual Impact trio. Unlike every other cookie cutter women’s course, this one is for building the slim feminine physique not big over sized squad.

The Visual Impact for Women program also includes a strategic fat torching cardio program for burning even more fat.

Check it out here –> Visual Impact for Women

For Women *Fat Burning Workouts*

Fit Yummy Mummy

Holly Rigsby created this program for mommy’s. Mom’s don’t have the time for most fitness programs and when they do have the time they have to stay at home. This is the reason that Holly Rigsby created this program for women with babies and young children so they can workout from the comfort of their own homes in only 15 minutes a day.

There are many things that mommy’s are learning from this program including:

  • The truth about how diets are making you gain weight.
  • How to reset you eating habits so you can start losing weight.
  • How important fat is for fat burning.
  • How to set proper goals so you can be successful.
  • 7 ways to get your mind on your target so you can start getting the body of you dreams.
  • 7 fundamentals to fat loss that everyone should know.
The program also includes a workout and nutrition program and 7 Bonuses which includes a 1 month membership to the fit yummy mummy fitness community where you can share an learn from other mom’s that are in the same situation.
Check it out here –> Fit Yummy Mummy


If you have any other questions about these programs then send me a message.