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Bootcamp Exercises for at Home

Bootcamp exercises aren’t only for bootcamps. Everyone can even do these types of bodyweight exercises at home. They are generally a wonderful approach to be able to start working out should you be beginning again or have in no way exercised previously. I’ve been using the Turbulence Training bootcamp exercises manual at home for several months now. This bootcamp exercises manual has several exercise circuits during each work out that consist of 2 or more exercise per circuit. Each exercise is done for 20 or 30 seconds depending on the circuit. Many of the bootcamp exercises might be done without any kind of gym equipment.

For all of the workouts that I do I only use a pull-up bar, bench, stability ball and a couple of dumbbells. Here are several of the best bootcamp exercises that require no equipment.

Bootcamp Exercises for at Home

Bootcamp Exercises #1 – Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian split squat is certainly one of my personal favourites. This exercise works out the hamstrings, hips, buttocks, thighs as well as your abdominals. It takes a large amount of stability so your ab muscles get a wonderful workout. Begin by standing up with your back to the bench. Place the surface of your foot on the bench and then lower yourself using your other leg.

Bootcamp Exercises #2 – Push-ups

Push-ups are generally a good exercise for training the your pectoral muscles as well as the triceps. They are done by lying face-down and then elevating and lowering your body using your arms. There are lots of different versions like incline, decline, Spiderman push-ups, close grip and also elevated. Here is a video of different push-up variations you can use for your bootcamp exercises at home.

Bootcamp Exercises #3 – Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are a great exercises for working your abdominals. Start yourself at the top push-up position, raise one knee upwards towards your chest and then bring it back into place. Rotate each leg and do the exercise for your desired amount of time or reps.

Bootcamp Exercises #4 – Lunges

Lunges are a fantastic exercise for training your quads as well as gluteus muscles. This exercise is done by stepping forwards with your heel first and then lowering yourself till your back knee is just about coming in contact with the floor. Your front knee should to be directly above your toes. Anyone can also do this exercise with dumbbells for additional resistance.

Here is a video of how to start doing lunges if you have never done them before.

Bootcamp Exercises #5 – Planks

Planks are excellent for training your abdominal muscles, shoulders and also back as well as numerous other muscles in your body. Planks are usually performed by lying face-down holding your body’s weight using your elbows and toes. Hold yourself straight like a wood plank for as long as you can or your required length of time. As you get stronger at this exercise you will be able to do it longer. When you find this exercise to easy then you can utilize an exercise ball and position your elbows on a stability ball to make it more difficult. This will work more of your ab muscles as you are having to balance yourself from swaying left or right as well as holding yourself in the plank position. you can also do side planks as well. Here is a video demonstrating how to do planks as well as another great bodyweight exercise called bird dogs.

These are just some of the bootcamp exercises you can do at home to get stronger and burn body fat at home with no equipment. Get your free bodyweight bootcamp exercises that you can do at home by signing up for the newsletter.