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Cardio Exercise Equipment

Cardio exercise equipment is all the rage in January as people are making their new years resolutions to get in shape and lose the fat. Every flyer in my mailbox has treadmills, elliptical machines, Stairmasters, cross trainers, stationary bikes as well as other fitness DVD’s and workouts on the front page. People are signing up for gym memberships left and right and the gyms will be packed for a few months. Once a few months go by they just keep paying for the gym while they go a couple times a month.

In addition to people signing up at the gym there are others that prefer to buy a home gyms and cardio equipment in hopes that they can get in shape while working out at home. Lets see how the different cardio exercise equipment stacks up against each other.

Cardio Exercise Equipment

If you’ve made it here then you are probably looking to get some type of cardio exercise equipment. There are many choices and you don’t want to make the wrong one. There’s nothing like being stuck with some big, ugly piece of equipment sitting in your living room or den and being used as a close hanger.

Cardio Exercise Machines


If you don’t know what a treadmill is then you’ve probably been living on another planet. It is cardio exercise equipment used for running and walking in place. Most treadmills will have an electric motor powering the treadmill but there are some that are manual. These will make you work to move them.

Many people like treadmills as their cardio exercise equipment because they can do their running and walking inside during the winter months. This allows them to watch TV while they are working out.

Some of the disadvantages of treadmills are that they can become monotonous and people tend to lose interest. I had a treadmill myself and I think it only got used about 20 times. In addition to becoming boring they also take up a lot of space in your home, they are expensive, they have repair costs and you don’t get the satisfaction you get from running outside. Some people even report injuries from falling off or due to the unnatural pace they are forced to run at. The running movement also puts pressure on your joints which is also the same as running outside.

Elliptical Trainer


Elliptical trainers or cross trainer is stationary cardio exercise equipment that you can use to simulate stair climbing, walking and running. Many people will choose the elliptical trainers because the cause less of an impact on your joints when using them. The elliptical machine produces a similar range of leg motion to the exercise bike and treadmill. It is better at burning calories then the exercise bike and treadmill because you are also using your arms during the workout.

Like treadmills and exercise bikes the elliptical machine will take up a lot of space in your house as well as become monotonous over time. Regular use of this type of machine can also cause repetitive motion injury due to following the same movement over and over again on the machine.

Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is a bicycle that can be road indoors. It is also used as cardio exercise equipment in homes and gyms. The exercise bike makes it convenient for bike riders to ride inside during the winter months to train for cycling events. The exercise is commonly used for physical therapy because it is safe and low impact. It doesn’t put much stress on joints and almost anyone can use them.

The exercise bike is often smaller and lighter then a treadmill or elliptical machine. They do however have a repetitive movement of the elliptical machine which may cause repetitive motion injuries.

Cardio Exercise Equipment VS the TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer like other cardio exercise equipment can be used at home to get a great fat burning cardio workout. The TRX Suspension Trainer was created by a former Navy Seal who was trying to get a great workout for his teammates and himself while they were on base or traveling about. The TRX Suspension Trainer is a set of nylon straps with handles and foot cradles that are suspended from an overhead anchor point and used to do bodyweight exercises.

Traditional cardio exercise equipment works on exercising your legs for one specific movement with the exception of the elliptical trainer. These exercise machines are good if you are training for cycling, running, walking or any sport that involves this.

Many people that are working out at home aren’t training for a sport so why are they exercising like they are? People have been led to believe that the only way that they can get a great fat burning workout is with a machine. The others are under the impression that they feel like they aren’t working out if they are watching TV while they use their cardio exercise equipment. In a way this is true. It’s not a real workout if you can watch TV or read a book while you are doing it. It’s simply a stroll around the block.

Why only use 50% of your body to lose fat when you can use 100%? The TRX Suspension Trainer provides a way for you to exercise your entire body so everything looks good. The more muscles you are using in your workout the more fat burning response your body is getting.

The repetitive movements that are common in cardio exercise equipment are not present in the TRX Suspension Trainer. The TRX allows your body to move freely with your own range of motion. There are also over 300 exercises that can be done with the TRX Suspension Trainer. You could do 10 exercises a day and you would never do the same exercises twice in one month.

In addition to being a better workout then other cardio exercise equipment the TRX is around the same price or cheaper then most other equipment. Even if it may seem expensive for what it is, there isn’t any maintenance cost for belts, motors, nuts, bolts and whatever else is under the hood that can be broken. It’s simply nylon straps, handles and a few carabineers. If you are taking care of your TRX then it should last you for years.


I almost forgot to mention the size. The TRX is only 2 lbs and comes with a mesh carry bag that’s the size of a lunch bag. When you aren’t using it you don’t even know it is there. The TRX Suspension Trainer with door kit can also be used on doors in addition to attaching it to a tree, beam or any overhead anchor point that is about 7′ tall. I use mine on the beam in my basement but many people are using them in their homes and hotel rooms latched in the door.
If you are looking for that special piece of cardio exercise equipment to get you in shape to feel great and look great this year then it’s about time you try something that will bring you closer to your fitness goals rather then someone else’s.

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