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Cardio Workouts at Home without Equipment

Doing cardio workouts at home without equipment is a great alternative to purchasing home workout equipment. Many people don’t think they can do a great fat burning workout at home without equipment. The best thing about these cardio workouts it that they aren’t expensive and don’t take up space in your home. You do need space in a room to do the exercises but it’s only while you are doing your workout.

Working out at home also saves a lot of time and you can do a workout whenever you feel like it. Parents like this option because they can workout while their kids are playing or even when the baby is taking a nap.

Here are some great cardio workouts at home without equipment that you can do any time of day.

Cardio Workouts at Home without Equipment

Jumping Jacks Workout

This may sound like a kids thing but how many bootcamps do you see people doing jumping jacks. It’s the first thing you think of since almost every movie with a bootcamp shows the bootcampers doing jumping jacks. This is a great workout for your legs arms and it really gets your blood pumping.

Running in Place

Running on the spot is another easy cardio workout. Focus on getting those knees up as high as you can. With your knees up higher you are getting a better workout from your lower abs and it makes the exercise more difficult.

Step Workout

Almost every house has steps. Try going up and down the steps or you can just use a couple of the bottom ones to step up and then back down again. If you want to add more resistance you can put on some ankle weights or carry some dumbbells.

DVD Cardio Workouts

Popular choices for at home workouts are DVD workouts. These are great for people that need to visualize seeing how to do an exercise. You can follow along with the video. There are many different cardio workouts to choose from such as tae bo, aerobics, zumba, bootcamp, p90x, and many others. Some may suit you better then others.

Jumping Rope

This isn’t just for little girls. Jumping rope is a great workout for your body and mind. Being able to focus your mind in order to keep your workout going is probably the most difficult part. This is a great workout for your arms and legs, especially your calves.

Game Workouts

The next generation is starting to use workouts on the Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect. Although these aren’t exactly cardio workouts at home without equipment, they do use smaller pieces of equipment then the alternatives. These are popular ways to follow a DVD workout and also track your progress from your workout. They can be done anywhere that you have the system setup with a TV. In addition to the workouts available on these systems there are also some games that provide a pretty good workout. Some of these workouts also have options for mixing and matching exercises together into your own workouts to keep thing fresh.

It’s not as hard as it use to be to do cardio workouts at home without equipment. There are many options out there for doing cardio workouts at home without equipment or you can give these a try.

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