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Critical Bench Review | Increase Your Bench

Would you like to increase your bench press? The Critical Bench- Increase Your Bench is one of the best programs out there if you want to increase your bench-pressing ability. If you are stuck, this program should help you break out of plateaus and reach your fitness goals. Learn what the program has to offer and whether it is the best for you.

What Is The Critical Bench Program?

Critical Bench 2.0 Before and After

Mike Before and After

This is not just another muscle-building program; it is a top bench press and muscle-building program designed to help individual trainers overcome plateaus and achieve their potential. In this program, Mike Westerdal offers everyone a customized weight training routine. He says the techniques in this program when followed can increase your bench-pressing ability and muscle mass by 50 pounds in less than two months. He also shares useful tips, secrets and strategies to a bigger bench press.

He is a certified trainer and power lifter having competed in the APA, AAPF and APF federations. To qualify, he gained 75 pounds through training using the same techniques he shares in this program. Through his experience as a trainer and professional, he knows what works best for immediate muscle gain.

Inside the Critical Bench Program:

  • The first section covers the essentials of weight lifting, vitamins and supplements.
  • The second part details a variety of warm up exercises.
  • The third part contains the workout schedules to follow, which you can customize according to your schedule.
  • This part has instructions and detailed explanations on the techniques, breaks, sets, warm ups, reps and weights.
  • The fourth part is the bulk of the program with medium to high intensity work outs, diet and nutritional guides
  • The final section contains the daily training logs where you can track your workouts and progress

How Does The Critical Bench Program Work?

Mike says most people wrongly believe that the more they work out, the more muscle they stand to gain. In contrast, his program focuses on efficiency and effectiveness. He offers powerful techniques that bring about the same amount of muscle gain in one hour.

Designed to last for ten weeks, the program contains techniques proven to work. He tweaks normal workouts to make them powerful and effective.

The program gives you a diet and bench press routine personalized for your needs and status. This is just like having a personal trainer to guide you.

Critical Bench 2.0 PackageCritical Bench Download

The creator offers a 14-day trial and a 60 days money back guarantee on this program. Here is what you get:

  • The Critical Bench training program
  • 80 training logs personalized to you
  • A DVD covering the basics
  • Critical exercise guide and deload routine
  • A guide on safe and effective use of creatine
  • An alternate exercises guide in case of injury, lack of time or lack of equipment
  • Extra routine to follow after finishing the 10 week program
  • Guide on the best rest periods
  • Insights from successful fighters, weight lifters, trainers and other professionals

What the Critical Bench Program can do for you?

The creator designed this program to help you and others:

  • Increase their bench press potential
  • Gain lean muscle mass and develop a powerful and muscular physique
  • Increase power and strength making you bigger, faster, stronger and better

What Makes This a Great Program?

  • The quality of information offered
  • The flexibility of the program in terms of scheduling and workouts you can do at the gym and at home
  • An easy to understand and follow program
  • Detailed instructions for every workout leaves no room for guesswork
  • Excellent customer service
  • An affordable program that gives value for money
  • The positive user feedback means that it works
  • This is a comprehensive guide that addresses all aspects
  • The customized approach makes it more effective

Whom Is The Critical Bench Program For?

This is a customized bench press program designed for weight lifters, body builders and anyone with a desire to increase their bench press and build muscle. This program can work for you whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainer since it personalizes the diet and workouts depending on your experience and physical abilities to maximize your bench pressing potential.

Critical Bench 2.0Does The Program Really Work?

If you are serious about building muscle through bench pressing, this program will help you. If you follow the program correctly, you should start seeing the results you want within a few weeks without over working. The Critical Bench is an effective program but the results you see depend entirely on the efforts and dedication you put into the program.

Is The Critical Bench Program Worth It?

If you want to increase strength, lean muscle and your bench press, this program is for you. The best thing is that you get a personalized routine that works perfectly for you. Commit to the Critical Bench program and you will see the results you desire.

Go to the official Critical Bench site

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