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Diet vs Exercise for Weight Loss – Ultimate Calorie Competition

Diet vs exercise for weight loss is a common debate among people working out in the gym. Many people are under the impression that they can just exercise their way to a healthy and fit looking body. The real truth is that diet is more important then exercise is. I know this first hand because for many years I worked out without paying any attention to my diet. I use to eat anything that I wanted and always finished whatever was left over.

I have a few videos for you today that will compare diet to exercise in a real life scenario. Some people just don’t understand what their diet really does to them but these videos make it crystal clear.


Diet vs Exercise – Calories in vs Calories out

In these videos Brad Pilon (from Eat Stop Eat) & John will play the part of your diet and will be competing with Craig Ballantyne (from Turbulence Training) who will be your exercise. This is the ultimate calorie competition. Can you gain more calories faster then burning them off with exercise? These videos will show you how it is so much faster to do one of these then the other.

These diet vs exercise videos are a great demonstration of how important diet and nutrition are for getting in shape even know most people are spending most of their time focusing on exercise to get their dream body.


Pizza and A&W Regular Root Beer vs The Treadmill

Craig Ballantyne competes against Brad Pilon. Your Exercise vs Diet competition. Brad is in the diet corner and is going to eat a pizza with an A&W regular root beer. Craig is in the exercise corner on the treadmill. Lets see who can burn or gain the most calories the fastest.



Hamburger, Soda and Fries vs The Stairmaster

In this video John is in the diet corner and is going to eat a hamburger, soda and french fries (1200-1300 calories) while Craig in the exercise corner works out on the stair master. Lets see if it is possible to workout that fast food meal that you just ate before going to the gym.



Mini Protein Bar vs Speed Walking on the Treadmill

In this video Dan in the diet corner and he’s going to eat the Mini protein bar (200 Calories) vs Craig in the exercise corner doing speed walking on the treadmill. Lets see if Craig can work off that mini protein bar that many people will consume after their workout.



Starbucks Frappuccino and Espresso Brownies vs Kettlebell Exercises

Today we have Brad in the diet corner with the starbucks frappuccino and espresso brownies which are about 1100 calories if he eats 1 brownie and 1400 calories if he eats both. Craig will be in the exercise corner doing kettlebell exercises. Can Craig burn as many calories as Brad is eating even know he is doing these great calorie burning exercises that most people would have a hard time doing?



I thought those videos were pretty funny but very real. So many people are constantly stuffing their faces with the foods that were in these videos. Most people don’t realize how many calories are in these foods and that is why they wonder why they can’t lose fat.


Featured in these Diet vs Exercise Videos

Brad Pilon found in these videos in the diet corner is the author of Eat Stop Eat diet program. Check out my blog to see how I used this diet to place 2nd in the Turbulence Training contest.

Craig Ballantyne is in the exercise corner and Craig is the creator of Turbulence Training exercise manuals. I competed in the 11th Turbulence Training transformation contest and placed 2nd even know I had lost the most.


Diet vs Exercise (Eat Stop Eat vs Turbulence Training)

Although this is diet vs exercise, it should be diet and exercise. This is the true way to lose fat and get in fantastic shape. Last summer I competed in the Turbulence Training fat loss contest and I placed 2nd for the 12 week competition and 3rd for the 6 week competition. 

I lost 34 lbs in 12 weeks which was the most of any participant. If prizes weren’t determined by voting then I am sure I would have won. My picture on the right shows my transformation. I combined Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program with Turbulence Training fat loss workouts. Both of these programs are great by themselves but by combining them together they really pack a punch.

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  • Chris November 7, 2012, 5:35 am

    How have I never seen those videos before?! Great fun way to show an important point, as you say. I’ve been following Brad’s Eat Stop Eat for a year or so to maintain my weight and it truly is a great way to stay lean while still getting to eat pretty normally most of the time.

    • Transformation Cheat Sheet November 7, 2012, 10:56 am

      Hey Chris. Thanks for stopping by. Yes those videos are great for demonstrating just how much you eat effects your overall weight.

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