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Eat Stop Eat – Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

My journey into the Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle began on May 20th 2011. This was 20 days into my transformation in the 11th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. I first noticed in the TT forums that a lot of the previous winners were using fasting with Eat Stop Eat. When I was reading their workout and nutrition logs I was thinking “This Intermittent fasting can’t be right… This is not healthy”. Since I was only down 4 lbs in the first 3 weeks of the 12 week contest I decided I would have to give this a try and see how it works. I needed something since just cutting calories wasn’t getting me the results I wanted.

I got my copy of Eat Stop Eat and read the book fully before starting the program. It sounded so much better then a diet because you aren’t counting calories. Brad Pilon simply says “Eat as you are eating now”. To cut your calories you simply fast for 24hrs twice a week. It’s not like one of those diets that you can only eat so much protein, carbs or fat. It’s reducing your calorie total.

Eat Stop Eat Intermittent Fasting V.S. Diets

Eat Stop EatMany other diets out there call for you to only eat select amounts of protein, carbohydrates or fat when you are cutting calories. They may even have you eat every 3 hrs or some other gimmicks. I was tired of this. It’s no fun working your life around your diet. I use to be eating every 3 hrs to avoid the starvation mode. Brad taught me that this starvation mode doesn’t actually happen until around 72 hrs of not eating. I guess those other books were off by 69 hrs.

With Eat Stop Eat these short term fasts last around 24 hrs. It’s flexible so you can work your diet around your life. Now I am just eating my normal 3 meals a day and I sometimes have a small evening snack. Instead of counting every gram of protein, carbohydrates and fat I am just counting the total calories. I don’t write my calories down either. I have cut back my calories slightly below maintenance level. Next I simply divided out my calories for the day into the meals I usually have and try to hit that calorie target for the meal I am eating. If I go a little over it’s OK because I am doing 2 fasts a week to cut back the calories.

How Intermittent Fasting and Exercise are similar

I bet you didn’t know that fasting and exercise are similar. I found this you tube video of the author Brad Pilon explaining how fasting and exercise are similar for burning body fat as a fuel, reducing insulin levels, increasing GH levels and increasing muscle metabolism. It’s for all those people out there that are more into the scientific aspects of fasting. Watch the video and he will explain it in more detail.

What foods can you eat with Eat Stop Eat?

Well the foods I am eating when I am not on the fast portion of the program are basically whatever I want. Brad Pilon suggests to cut out all the bad foods you can do without. It’s OK to keep a couple of them that you must have to keep your sanity. I have cut out cookies, chips, and ice cream. So far, I have had some cake, a couple drinks and some desert at a restaurant we went to. I don’t have to feel guilty because you are allowed to have these foods in moderation. The main thing is to have a variety of foods, try to stick to healthy ones, and if you slip up, you slip up. No big deal. Just don’t go pigging out.

During my fasts there is no eating going on. The program allows you to drink water, black coffee, green tea, 0 calorie pop/soda, and sugar-free gum. Mostly I stick with the water. I have the occasional coffee, tea or soda and usually 1-2 sticks of gum.

Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle Pros V.S. Cons

Pros of Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle

  • Your Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle works around your life. (Other diets: Your life works around your diet.)
  • Free yourself from guilt. You can have the occasional piece of cake or goodies that come along. (Other diets: You aren’t aloud and feel guilty to have some.)
  • You can still go out and eat with your friends and family. (Other diets: You are only having salad while everyone else enjoys a steak.)
  • Your grocery bill will be reduced. (Other diets: Your grocery bill has increased for all the new organic, specialty foods and supplements they lead you to believe you need.)
  • When you are fasting you have extra time because you aren’t preparing and eating your meals. (Other diets: You are cooking meals and eating them which takes time.)
  • Your energy is enhanced during your fast.
  • Your metabolism is actually getting revved up when you are on a fasting program. (Other diets: You aren’t really revving your metabolism by eating every 3 hrs. They just make you think you are.)
  • You aren’t constantly worrying about food. During your fast you aren’t stressed about finding something to eat. (Other diets: Constant stress about whether or not you will find something that meets your diet.)
  • Never worry about your metabolism. Eat stop eat is scientifically proven to not mess with your metabolism. (Other diets: Lead you to believe you need to constantly eat to rev up your metabolism.)
  • No more worrying about starvation mode. Starvation mode is so far away you will never reach it. (Other diets: Lead you to believe you will be in starvation mode if you don’t eat every 3-4 hrs.)
  • It’s Easy! (Other Diets: Complicated.)

Cons of Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle

  • This is not for someone with health concerns.
  • If you want to keep the muscle you have then you will need to do resistance training.
  • No eating extra because you fasted.
  • No pigging out.

My results with Eat Stop Eat

Transformation combining Eat Stop Eat and Turbulence TrainingI began my Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle on May 20, 2011 as I mentioned before. At the beginning I was weighing in at 194 lbs at 18.5% body fat. Even know this before picture is about 3 weeks prior to starting I was only 4 lbs lighter then when I started. My fat loss really escalated when I began the Eat Stop Eat. Prior to Eat Stop Eat I had just cut my calories and was working out with Turbulence Training. I was getting about 1.5 lbs loss each week.

At the 6 week mark of the competition in the after picture I was at week 3 of my Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle. I was now at a weight of 179.5 lbs and 14.4% body fat. So in the 3 weeks of Eat Stop Eat I dropped 14.5 lbs and lost 4.1% body fat. That’s almost 5 lbs a week. I would have to say this isn’t typical. My starting weight may have been off by a bit along with losing some of the food that has been stored in my belly. Overall I was quite shocked at my before and after picture.

Check out other people’s results ==> Eat Stop Eat Website

What is included in Eat Stop Eat?

  • This book is approximately 140 pages with about 10 of those pages used for references. This tells you that this stuff isn’t made up. Everything is referenced or there are scientific studies to prove it. It’s to the point but also gives you all the information you need to know. I read the book in 1 day.
  • Brad includes a 8 week full money back guarantee. There is no way to go wrong. Read the book and try it out for 8 weeks or even 7. If it isn’t working then click the link you got from clickbank (the company the purchase goes through) and get a refund. It’s that simple. If it doesn’t work, you probably aren’t that into losing fat.
  • It’s a downloadable e-book so you can be reading it in minutes. By this time tomorrow you can be starting your Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle and be on your way to dropping the fat.

Eat Stop Eat Option 1 Includes

  1. The NEW Expanded version of Eat Stop Eat
  2. The 10 Day Diet Solution (Eating strategies that can fast forward weight loss in 10 days or less.)
  3. Why Diets Stop Working + Transcripts (The Biggest problem that sabotages weight loss programs.)
  4. The Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio Files + Transcripts (A crash course in fat burning, fat burning hormones, blood sugar, insulin and how to burn more fat.)
  5. Expert Interrogations of Eat Stop Eat (Little changes that make big differences, Grocery shopping tips, Eat Stop Eat Bodybuilding, Power lifting and supplement recommendations.)

If you find this option for $67.00 snatch it up while you can. It’s worth it.

Eat Stop Eat Option 2

Eat Stop Eat. The simple package.. Just the e-book with no extras. Only $39.95

If the price isn’t that much difference you may want to go with Option 1.

Final thoughts about Eat Stop Eat

When I first read about Eat Stop Eat Intermittent fasting I thought it would be hard because I love eating. I actually dove right into this and started with a 24 hr fast. It actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The key is to stay busy during your fast and stay away from the kitchen. It gets easier each time and you start to realize which foods you really don’t need. Eventually you don’t even care to eat them anymore.

I am just loving the Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle. It is the simplest diet I have ever seen. If you even want to call it a diet. I wish I would have found this intermittent fasting lifestyle a long time ago. No more suffering with fat loss.

Don’t be a slave to your diet anymore. Get your copy of Eat Stop Eat ==> Eat Stop Eat

The longer you wait the longer it will take you to lose the fat!

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