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Friday Fan Favourites: 17 Favourite Health and Fitness Articles You Should Read

This is the 2nd edition of the Friday favourites. If you missed last week you can see it here –> 1st Edition. Each Friday I’ll post about some of my favourite articles in the health and fitness niche. This weeks edition includes inspirational stories, workouts, weight loss, muscle building and how alcohol affects your fat loss.

17 Favourite Health and Fitness Articles You Should Read


Fitness, Weight Loss Success Stories, Muscle & Music and Good Friends on Facebook
Weight loss interview and success story. Sol lost 100 lbs and took control of his life.

Alcohol and Fat Loss

Why Does Alcohol Make You Fat?
Not only ‘why’ alcohol makes you put on body fat, but also how it can be included in a training regimen safely, year-round and without sacrificing progress.

Alcohol & Fitness – Can The 2 Go Hand In Hand?
Alcohol is controversial subject in health and fitness circles. Find out whether alcohol and fitness can both be part of a healthy lifestyle right here.

Workouts & Exercises

Beautiful Body Sculpt: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Full Body workout in Mexico’s beautiful Riviera Maya. Sculpt your body wherever you go.

The Kinobody Cardio and Abs Routine
How to combine cardio and abs training into the most awesome, kick ass workout you will ever do that doesn’t involve a pair of sticks and a puck. Yes, I’m Canadian, eh!

Muscle-up Training Tutorial: The Missing Workout Manual for Your First Bar Muscle-up
Here’s a tutorial on mastering the muscle up – the ultimate upper body exercise.

Weight Lifting For Women To Get Toned & Feminine – Not Ripped Or Buff
Most women end up training like guys when the go to the gym because most personal trainers don’t know the proper techniques for getting toned and feminine.

Bodyweight Workout Options

Weighted Vest Workouts
Have bodyweight exercises gotten too easy? Maybe it’s time to up the challenge and add a weighted vest to your workout routine.

Rock Climbing Techniques – Heighten Your Strength WithThis Full Body Workout
You don’t necessarily need to scale a mountain side to get the kind of workout that Rock Climbing has to offer. Either indoors or outdoors, you can start conditioning your entire body in style.

Lose Weight

20 Ways To Burn a Lot of Calories Without Exercising!
Check out these 20 changes you can make in your everyday life to burn more calories.

No Hulk! No Bulk!: Can you Lose Weight doing Weight Training?
Is strength training for you if you want to lose weight, but not “bulk” up? You might be surprised that the best way to lose weight is to…

26 Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Fast 
A list of 26 simple ways to blast fat off your belly and entire body.

3 Week Fat Blaster Diet
A 3-week crash course in effective diet and exercise designed to get you really lean, really quickly!

Muscle Building

Do Less. Gain More. How Skinny Guys Gain Muscle
There are different rules for naturally skinny guys when it comes to training. This article will show the guy who finds it tough to build muscle, how doing less will get him better results – along with a few other tricks of the trade.

The No-BS 7 Step Beginner’s Guide To Building Muscle
Strip everything down to the bare essentials and learn what it truly takes for a skinny guy to pack on pounds on lean muscle.


How do you get Mobility and Stability for the Hip Joint?
Hip Flexors Stretches may not be the best thing for hip pain. Most people will try to fix the problem with stretching; however, stretching may not help your hip pain….


A day in the life of a busy mom with 4 kids
A day in the life of a busy mom with 4 kids under 7 years old. How to stay organised, motivated, exercise and still make your family nutritional meals.


Do you have any favourite articles that you keep going back to.

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