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Friday Fan Favourites: 10 Fan Favourite Posts for Sculpting the Body You Desire

Welcome to the third edition of the “Friday Fan Favourites”. Many fans were sending in their favourites this week and I filled in a few favourites of my own to round it out at 10.

I know a lot of Americians will be watching their calories this week with Thanksgiving being yesterday so I’ve included some tips for counting and burning calories so you don’t go overboard during the holiday season.

It’s getting close to New Year’s Resolutions. Did you meet your goals from last year yet. Everyone wants the perfect body or the body of their favourite athletes. Check out the perfect body sections for getting the “perfect” male or female body.

Want to train like an athlete then go to the “training and exercises” section below.

If you still didn’t meet your goals from last year then maybe you didn’t set them properly. Check out some tips for setting goals and there are also some motivational quotes to get you going.

10 Fan Favourite Posts for Sculpting the Body You Desire 

Here are the articles. Leave your comments below. 

Perfect Body

The Perfect Male Body and 5 Exercises to Build It
When it comes to pick the right exercises most people have no clue. Check out these 5 for the perfect male body.

The Essential Guide To Female Training For A Sexy Feminine Physique
Are women training the right way to get a slim feminine physique. Most are taking the wrong advice.

Training and Exercises

UFC Workouts and MMA Training: Ultimate Fighter workout
Check out these 5 simple steps to designing effective UFC workouts and MMA training for fighters and non fighters.

The Kettlebell Swing – Kick Ass Exercise for a Kick Ass Body
The kettlebell swing is one simple exercise for a full body workout.

12 Core exercises for hockey players
Enought with the sit-ups and crunches. Try out these 12 core exercises that are great for any sport.

Calories and Diet

20 ways to Burn a Lot of Calories Without Exercising!
Here are 20 more ways to burn calories that you probably didn’t even think of.

Maintenance Calories – What You Need to Know Before Planning Your Diet
Many people have trouble with diets because they don’t know how to calculate how many they should be consuming.

1 Simple Diet Hack to Combat Holiday Weight Gain
Everyone’s goal is to not gain weight during the holidays. Try this 1 simplt trick to stop you from failing.

Optimizing Results

Goal Setting: A Basic 9 Step Approach For Optimal Results
One of the main reasons you aren’t getting results is because you don’t set goals. Follow these 9 simple steps.


101 Inspirational Quotes — Get Motivated to Workout With These Words of Wisdom
If you are feeling uninspired, check out these motivational quotes to pick you up.


How did you like these articles? Let me know what else you would like to know so I can included it in next weeks edition.

Leave your comments below.

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