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Friday Fan Favourites: 8 Posts to Stay Healthy, Gluten Free, Exercising Properly and Seeing Results.

Here is another edition of the “Friday Fan Favourites”. This week focuses on staying healthy, measuring your results, gluten free and a couple workouts for getting the body you want.

8 Posts to Stay Healthy, Gluten Free, Exercising Properly and Seeing Results

Staying Healthy

Some of the key points to staying healthy are keeping your immune system strong, eating properly and at the right times, and having a good nights sleep.

10 Things That Can Weaken Your Immune System
Are you constantly getting sick? Do you feel rundown and tired? Chances are your immune system is taking a pretty hard hit from some of the things you do on a routine basis.

How often should you eat, snack and should you skip breakfast?
Many people are confused when it comes to how many times a day they should eat. Find out if there is really an optimal amount.

7 Ways You Might Be Inadvertently Sabotaging a Good Night’s Sleep
Sleep is absolutely essential to happiness, health, and longevity. Find out how to get a better night’s sleep.


Many people seem to choose the wrong workouts for their goals. Renegade rows are a great core exercise that is often overlooked. If you want slim, sexy legs then check out the article on the best leg workouts for women.

Renegade Rows – How to Get Ridiculously Hard Abs, Part I
A tutorial on performing correctly one of the best exercises you can do for your abs – the renegade row.

The Best Leg Workouts For Women To Get Slim & Toned Legs Without Making Them Big & Bulky
Many women are following men’s leg exercises when they should actually be taking a different approach.

Measuring Results

One of the top reasons that people don’t get the results that they want is because they don’t measure their body fat or don’t know how to.

Measuring Body Fat Percentage & Measuring Muscle Mass Percentage
One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not measuring their bodyfat and muscle mass percentages. Check out this guide for more info.

Gluten Free

I’ve never really paid much attention to gluten free. So if you are like me then check out “what is gluten free mean?” and there is also an excellent recipe for some sweet potato chocolate chunk cookies.

What does Gluten Free mean?
You are starting to hear more about gluten free but have no idea what that means. Find out what it really means.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chunk Cookies
If you are looking for a cookie that is healthier with less sugar try out this gluten and dairy free option.


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