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Fun Cardio Workouts using your Bodyweight

Fun cardio workouts are hard to find. That’s not true. They are easy to find. You just have to know where to look. If you are looking at the elliptical trainer, treadmill, bike or stepper at the gym then you are looking in the wrong place. These are not fun cardio workouts. These are monotonous, repetitive and don’t burn that much fat. They may also result in overuse injuries if you are doing the same exercise every day. How can you possible change up these workouts so they aren’t boring. I have no idea. Change the channel on the TV or read a different book? This isn’t changing the workout.

If you are looking of Fun Cardio Workouts then look no more. Fun cardio workouts at home are here in the form of bodyweight cardio. Bodyweight cardio is using your own bodyweight to do exercises in circuits. These workouts are great for burning fat and also sculpting your body. Half of those cardio machines at the gym don’t even work your upper body. The ones that do you can cheat and just use your legs.

Fun Cardio Workouts use your Bodyweight

A Versatile Workout

Bodyweight Cardio workouts can be done anywhere. You could be stuck in the middle of nowhere, at your in-laws, in the middle of the country and you could do bodyweight cardio. All you need is a small space to be able to do the exercises. This is great if you travel a lot. Some of those hotel gyms just aren’t adequate enough to get a decent workout done. Well now they are because you can do bodyweight cardio in their so called gym or even in your hotel room.

A Challenging Workout

I know what you are thinking. Bodyweight can’t be a workout. The truth is that bodyweight exercises are challenging. I have worked out with weights for over a decade and I didn’t think they would be either. If you don’t try them you will never know how good of a workout you will get. If it isn’t challenging enough then reduce your rest periods. There are other ways you can add resistance to the exercises. If you are doing pushups and they are too easy then do one handed pushups. The same goes for leg exercises. Try one legged squats if 2 legged are easy for you.

Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Ok so here is a sample bodyweight cardio workout for you to try because I know that you are thinking that it isn’t challenging.

Fun Cardio Workouts Circuit

1 – Running in Place

2 – Prisoner Squats

3 – Close grip pushups

4 – Walking Lunge

5 – Pull-ups or you can use bands if you don’t have a pull-up bar.

6 – Reverse Lunge

7 – Cross body Mountain Climbers

8 – Jumping Jacks

Go through the circuit without any rest. You can do each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest 1 minute and repeat 1-2 times depending on your fitness level. Beginners may only want to do once. Go slowly if you are just starting to workout. Use a couple of the exercises in this circuit and do a warm-up with them first.

If this isn’t challenging enough then increase your time per exercises and do more sets.

I hope you enjoyed this fun bodyweight cardio workout.

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