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Height and Weight of 100 Female Celebrities. Can you Transform Your Body like Theirs?

Everyday many women begin to transform their bodies. Many women have a hard time getting back to the form that they were in before giving birth. Some women would like to get back to the body they had in high school or college. So where do they usually start? They search for their favourite celebrity’s workout and diet on the internet.

When looking for these celebrity workouts they will either half the truth or an extreme workout and diet. The truth is that no busy women have time to workout 14 hrs a day and cook two meals for the family each day just to stay on some celebrity diet.

If you decided to follow what they are doing you probably wouldn’t have any time for yourself, your family or your friends.

I have listed some of your favourite celebrities along with their height and weight just for fun so you can get an idea of what weight you would need to be to look like them.

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Height and Weight of 136 Hot Female Celebrities

(Note: These heights and weights are numbers found all over the internet. Take into consideration that most of these numbers are most likely speculation because what women will voluntarily give out her height and weight especially if she is a celebrity.)

I have broken down these women into categories by height.

5’1” Female Celebrities

Mary Kate Olsen is 95lbs or 42.75kg
Christina Ricci is 97lbs or 43.65kg
Hayden Panettiere is 97lbs or 43.65kg
Kristen Bell is 97lbs or 43.65kg
Ashley Olsen is 98lbs or 44.1kg
Hilary Duff is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Carrie Fisher is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Lady Gaga is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Paula Abdul is 110lbs or 49.5kg

5’2” Female Celebrities

Demi Lovato is 100lbs or 45kg
Susan Lucci is 100lbs or 45kg
Christina Aguilera is 100lbs or 45kg
Alyssa Milano is 102lbs or 45.9kg
Eva Longoria is 104lbs or 46.8kg
Fergie is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Kristin Cavallari is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Shakira is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Heidi Montag is 107lbs or 48.15kg
Vanessa Hudgens is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Avril Lavigne is 112lbs or 50.4kg
Jennifer Love Hewitt is 112lbs or 50.4kg
Reese Witherspoon is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Salma Hayek is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Jessica Simpson is 120lbs or 54kg

5’3” Female Celebrities

Isla Fisher is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Lucy Liu is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Shenae Grimes is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Kelly Ripa is 107lbs or 48.15kg
Carrie Underwood is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Kelly Osbourne is 113lbs or 50.85kg
Ashley Tisdale is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Geri Halliwell is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Sarah Michelle Gellar is 118lbs or 53.1kg
Pink is 125lbs or 56.25kg

5’4” Female Celebrities

Kirsten Dunst is 100lbs or 45kg
Madonna is 100lbs or 45kg
Sarah Jessica Parker is 100lbs or 45kg
Julianne Hough is 101lbs or 45.45kg
Miley Cyrus is 104lbs or 46.8kg
Victoria Beckham is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Natalie Portman is 107lbs or 48.15kg
Carmen Electra is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Cheryl Burke is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Michelle Williams is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Shania Twain is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Alyson Hannigan is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Michelle Rodriguez is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Scarlette Johansson is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Renee Zellweger is 120lbs or 54kg
Tina Fey is 120lbs or 54kg
Drew Barrymore is 125lbs or 56.25kg
Trish Stratus is 125lbs or 56.25kg

5’5” Female Celebrities

Britney Spears is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Lindsay Lohan is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Anna Paquin is 108lbs or 48.6kg
Emma Watson is 108lbs or 48.6kg
Leighton Meester is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Mila Junis is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Heather Locklear is 114lbs or 51.3kg
Eliza Dushku is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Rachel Mcadams is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Selena Gomez is 117lbs or 52.65kg
Leann Rimes is 127lbs or 57.15kg
Beyonce Knowles is 130lbs or 58.5kg
Demi Moore is 130lbs or 58.5kg

5’6” Female Celebrities

Miranda Cosgrove is 109lbs or 49.05kg
Penelope Cruz is 109lbs or 49.05kg
Emma Roberts is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Jennifer Aniston is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Megan Fox is 114lbs or 51.3kg
Denise Richards is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Eva Mendes is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Gwen Stefani is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Kate Hudson is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Sienna Miller is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Hilary Swank is 117lbs or 52.65kg
Diane Lane is 120lbs or 54kg
Alicia Keys is 122lbs or 54.9kg
Audrian Patridge is 125lbs or 56.25kg
Jennifer Lopez is 125lbs or 56.25kg
Tori Spelling is 127lbs or 57.15kg
Zooey Deschanel is 128lbs or 57.6kg

5’7” Female Celebrities

Kristen Stewart is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Pamela Anderson is 105lbs or 47.25kg
Kiera Knightley is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Halle Berry is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Jessica Alba is 118lbs or 53.1kg
AnnaLynne McCord is 123lbs or 55.35kg
Ellen Pompeo is 124lbs or 55.8kg
Ellen Degeneres is 132lbs or 59.4kg
Sharon Stone is 132lbs or 59.4kg
Sofia Vergara is 135lbs or 60.75kg

5’8” Female Celebrities

Jessica Biel is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Marisa Miller is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Sandra Bullock is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Kate Beckinsale is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Kelly Brook is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Meg Ryan is 119lbs or 53.55kg
Cate Blanchette is 120lbs or 54kg
Faith Hill is 120lbs or 54kg
Kate Winslet is 120lbs or 54kg
Jennifer Garner is 120lbs or 54kg
Helen Hunt is 121lbs or 54.45kg
Rihanna is 126lbs or 56.7kg
Lisa Kudrow is 130lbs or 58.5kg
Anne Hathaway is 130lbs or 58.5kg
Catherine Zeta Jones is 130lbs or 58.5kg
Jennifer Connelly is 130lbs or 58.5kg
Marcia Cross is 132lbs or 59.4kg
Angelina Jolie is 137lbs or 61.65kg

5’9” Female Celebrities

Paris Hilton is 110lbs or 49.5kg
Gwyneth Paltrow is 112lbs or 50.4kg
Miranda Kerr is 115lbs or 51.75kg
Mischa Barton is 117lbs or 52.65kg
Katie Holmes is 118lbs or 53.1kg
Katherine Heigl is 119lbs or 53.55kg
Cameron Diaz is 120lbs or 54kg
Cat Deeley is 120lbs or 54kg
Heidi Klum is 120lbs or 54kg
Katy Perry is 123lbs or 55.35kg
Blake Lively is 125lbs or 56.25kg
Elizabeth Hurley is 125lbs or 56.25kg
Bridget Moynahan is 127lbs or 57.15kg
Cindy Crawford is 130lbs or 58.5kg
Kesha is 140lbs or 63kg
Mariah Carey is 140lbs or 63kg

5’10” Female Celebrities

Adriana Lima is 112lbs or 50.4kg
Nicole Kidman is 120lbs or 54kg
Julia Roberts is 125lbs or 56.25kg
Tyra Banks is 125lbs or 56.25kg
Mandy Moore is 135lbs or 60.75kg

5’11” – 6′ Female Celebrities

Nicole Kidman is 140lbs or 63kg
Taylor Swift is 120lbs or 54kg
Stacey Kiebler is 136lbs or 61.2kg
Brooke Shields is 130lbs or 58.5kg
Elle Macpherson is 135lbs or 60.75kg

Average Weight of Female Celebrities

I have calculate the average weight of the celebrities above and put it into this table.

Height in feet and inches Height in cm Weight in lbs Weight in kg
5 feet 1 inches 154.94 102.1 46.0
5 feet 2 inches 157.48 107.5 48.4
5 feet 3 inches 160.02 111.8 50.3
5 feet 4 inches 162.56 110.7 49.8
5 feet 5 inches 165.10 114.9 51.7
5 feet 6 inches 167.64 117.1 52.7
5 feet 7 inches 170.18 119.9 54.0
5 feet 8 inches 172.72 121.9 54.9
5 feet 9 inches 175.26 122.6 55.2
5 feet 10 inches 177.8 123.4 55.5
5 feet 11 inches – 6 feet 180.34 – 182.88 132.2 59.5

As you can see there isn’t a set weight by height since they tend to fluctuate. It all depends on body fat percentage and how much muscle you have. The key is to focus more on overall image then weight.

Transform your body to the slim, strong and feminine look.

Do you really want to workout and diet like your favourite celebrity?

I was looking through a popular magazine today that was talking about what celebrities were doing to get and maintain their lean bodies. Here are some of the headlines:

Gwen “I torched myself to stay thin”. Her husband says the spotlight puts a lot of pressure on her.

Kim wants more liposuction.

Leann still thinks she is fat.

Jennifer is now skin and bones.

Kate works out 6 hrs a day to get back to her pre baby weight.

Christina has 3000 calorie binges.

Jessica has strategic makeup and contouring done to her face to make her look slimmer.

Does any of this sound like something you would want to do for a celebrity body? Not likely. Many celebrity women go to extremes to get in the shape that they are in. This tells you that they aren’t always the way that they appear on screen. From the pictures in these magazines of them when they aren’t camera ready, I would say many of them have below average looks.

How to get the body of a female celebrity?

OK, Here’s how to do it without being stupid about it. You don’t even need to go to the gym or use any funky complicated diets to do this.

What most women are getting wrong is that they are listening to their personal trainers or following what they see other women doing with their personal trainers at the gym. I’ve seen this before myself. Have you?

“Woman goes to the gym looking for a weight loss program. She hasn’t worked out before so she has no idea what to do. She signs up with a personal trainer and spends some big bucks. Her workout includes lunges, squats, step ups, leg extensions, leg curls and other big leg exercises for burning fat. She works out hard doing 15 reps per set to failure. In a few months time she says to her personal trainer “I think my thighs are getting bigger”.”

The truth is that most women are doing the wrong set/rep schemes to get the lean celebrity body that they want. They are actually working out to build muscle. Most women want to workout but not look like they workout, and most men like women to have this look.

Watch this video to find out how to get the body of a female celebrity without having to workout 15 hours a week or have plastic surgery.


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