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How to do Barbell Bench Press without Shoulder Pain

How to do barbell bench press without shoulder pain

Do you know how to do barbell bench press without shoulder pain. I haven’t done barbell bench presses in quite a while because my shoulder (because I previously dislocated it) always bothers me when using a barbell.

I was looking for a solution since this is one of my favorite exercises. That pretty much goes for all the guys at the gym too. I see them doing this for their chest workout every Monday. I guess the smart people don’t do chest on Monday to avoid the crowd.

If you are trying to improve your bench and increase your upper body development then you should check out this video by Jimmy Smith.

Jimmy’s 3 simple tips that you can do right away:

  1. Body position
  2. Proper positioning of your heals
  3. Pull your hands in on the bar

Take a look at the video “No More Shoulder Pain During The Bench Press”.

This video is by Jimmy Smith who is the author of The Physique Formula.

Let us know how these tips have worked for you. Leave us your comments below.


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