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James Bond Workout for Daniel Craig

This James Bond Workout article outlines the workouts of current and future James Bond actors from the James Bond movies. James Bond workout trainer Simon Waterson has been training many James Bond start over the years such as Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards and Halle Barry. This time around he was called upon to provide a James Bond Workout for Daniel Craig who was preparing to play the role of James Bond.

Daniel Craig has been in Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008) and will be in Skyfall which is set to debut on October 26, 2012.

James Bond Workout Routines – Daniel Craig

For his role of James Bond, Daniel Craig used circuit training routines to get in great shape. His focus was to use power lifting, compound exercises and bodyweight exercises in his training to keep his heart rate up throughout the workout. Daniel’s main goal was to work on development of lean muscle but also work on cardio to keep his body fat down.

James Bond Workout Diet Plan for Daniel Craig

Daniel was on a strict diet during the week but was allowed to let loose on the weekends. He ate 3 meals a day along with 2 snacks.

Daniel Craig’s James Bond Workout Goals

When training for the role of James Bond, Daniel Craig had a few goals that he wanted to achieve with his James Bond workout training. His main goals were to develop speed, stamina, strength, and a sound mind. Daniel likes to pay strict attention to his posture and movements. When building muscle Daniel wanted to build it for speed, climbing, jumping and fighting, not just for looks.

James Bond Workouts

Daniel Craig in shape with the James Bond Workout

The James Bond workout that Daniel was performing contained mostly power lifting and compound exercises. He elevated his heart rate by lifting extremely heavy weights. By lifting heavy weights he was working on making his muscles more dense and creating lean muscle tissue. This also provided a bit of a cardio workout to keep his body fat low.

Daniel worked out 5 times a week during the weekdays an had the weekends off to do as he pleased. The workouts mostly old school exercises like pull-ups, press-ups and push-ups. Each workout was 45 minutes but he didn’t have much time in in-between circuits to rest. If his weight was getting a bit high then he would add in some cardio on the bike after his workout.

James Bond Workout Exercises

Most of the exercises that were contained in the James Bond workout routine were compound exercises that are manly exercises. Craig’s James Bond workout consisted of 4 giant sets of 15 reps for each exercise. These exercises were performed one after another to keep his heart rate high and burn lots of calories during each workout. He used this workout for about 6 weeks for 3-4 times a week.

Here are some of the exercises that Daniel Craig did in his James Bond workout.

Dips – When doing dips go down to 90 degrees and then press back up. Some gyms may have a machine for doing dips so if you can’t lift all of your weight the machine will assist you. There are some dip machines that you can use for dips that you strap yourself to the seat and set the weight with the pin.

Squats – Squats can be done with many variations but the most common is with a slightly wide stance and toes pointing out a bit. Squat down to 90 degrees and then back up. Don’t lock out at the top position.

Bench Press – Bench press can be done with a barbell or dumbbells. Make sure not to lockout at the top. Take about 3 seconds to bring the weight down and then press up for 1 second.

Clean and Jerk – This is a great full body exercise. For this exercise you are lifting the barbell from your feet and flipping it up to your chest then pressing it up above your head.

Pull-ups / Chin-ups – This exercises can be done with a close grip palms up or wide grip palms down. There are also some machines that have a side grip. If you can’t lift your whole weight there are usually some pulley lat pull-down machines at the gym.

Barbell Curls – Barbell curls are most commonly done with a straight barbell but you could also use an ez curl bar or dumbbells if you prefer.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises – With your arms bent at 90 degrees, raise them up on your side to your shoulder height. Use a lighter weight and make sure you are doing them properly.

Many guys are aiming for their own James Bond body but these aren’t the only exercises that will help your achieve this look. Visual Impact Muscle Building is a program that teaches guys how they can build lean muscle bud still look good in a suit like James Bond does. It’s the best of both worlds.

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