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Jennifer Aniston Workout

Today I have Jennifer Aniston’s workout for you. Men and Women alike agree that she is Hot. This is why so many women want to know what her workout is.

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 which seems like such a long time ago yet somehow she seems to look better and better all the time. She first gained popularity in the 1990?s for portraying Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends. This is my all-time favorite sitcom. Since then she has had some success in movie roles such as Office Space, Bruch Almighty, The Break-up, Marley & Me and Horrible Bosses.

Jennifer Aniston works hard to stay in the shape that she does and she has told people that she does a lot of running and works out every day. The Jennifer Aniston workout routine isn’t the only thing that keeps her fit. It is a balance of exercise and diet to balance yourself.

Jennifer Aniston Workout

Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine is one hot workout. At 43 years old Jennifer Aniston is still one of the hottest celebrities and that is why so many people want to know what her secret is for staying so hot. The reason that so many women want to have a Jennifer Aniston body is because she is toned and strong but still feminine and lean.

The reason that Jennifer Aniston is in such great shape is because she believes that exercises is very important and she just keeps going with her Jennifer Aniston workout routine. There are many women that think it would be impossible to have a body shaped like Jennifer Aniston’s but it is possible for anyone with the desire. Jennifer Aniston recently told InStyle that the key to her Jennifer Aniston workout routine is that she rotates her exercise routine and doesn’t slack of. 

Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine

Jennifer Aniston has recently talked about her Jennifer Aniston workout routine and stated that she does 40 minutes of cardio that include spinning, running and the elliptical machine. Sometimes she even does a combination of all three. Jennifer will also do Pilates one day a week and yoga three days a week. The key to her workout is that she changes it up frequently so it doesn’t get boring and she is constantly using different muscles as to not overwork any. 

Jennifer Aniston Workout for Cardio

Jennifer Aniston includes cardio in her workout routine and likes to utilize spinning, running and the elliptical machine. These are great ways to do HIIT which is High Intensity Interval Training. By doing HIIT you can get the most out of your cardio workout in the least amount of time. Interval training is done by working hard for one set followed by an easier set. The times for each interval set can vary so just tinker with it till you find a time that works for you.

Jennifer Aniston Workout for Yoga

When Jennifer Aniston first decided to take up yoga she turned to Los Angles yogi Mandy Ingber to enhance her yoga and help her fit it into her Jennifer Aniston workout routine. The key to any yoga routine is loving the body that you currently have. Mandy Ingber suggests that if you are starting yoga; try out several yoga instructors or classes until you find one that works for you. 

Jennifer Aniston’s Workout for Traveling

Many people tend to slack when they go on vacation or are traveling for business but this isn’t the case for Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer actually takes an 8 pound weights with her whenever she is staying in a hotel. She uses these to do arm exercises when watching TV. You could also make use of dumbbells when on the road by doing floor chest presses, bent over rows, shoulder press, tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, weighted lunges and weighted squats.

In addition to lifting weights when traveling, Jennifer also does stretching and some sit-ups before she goes to bed. Stretching is an important part of the Jennifer Aniston workout and it is often one of the aspects that most people neglect. This is a great way to increase your flexibility and balance. In place of sit-ups you could also do mountain climbers as they are also a great abs workout that you can do without any equipment. 

Why Jennifer Aniston Looks so Great?

The main reason that Jennifer Aniston looks so great is because she includes balance in her Jennifer Aniston workout routine. She is strong, toned and also lean. Jennifer takes care of herself and works hard to do this.

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