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Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training is a unique type of exercise that uses a kettlebell (cast iron weight that looks like a bowling ball with a handle) to perform exercises that combine strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular training. Kettlebells come in a variety of sizes just like traditional dumbbells.

Kettlebell training originated in Russia and was popular in theUnited States many years ago but it has gained popularity recently with the increase of books and videos using Kettlebell training exercises in their workouts. Even though they are gaining popularity with people working out at home they aren’t popular in gym’s. This reason being that gyms don’t want the extra cost of liability or want to pay their trainers to instruct people on how to use kettlebells. Gyms try to stick with the machines and dumbbells for the most part.

Kettlebell Training isn’t Dumbbell Training

Many people think… Why can’t I just do this with a dumbbell? Well they are similar but still different. It is all about how they are shaped. Kettlebells are much harder to handle then dumbbells however this is a good thing. The unique thing about kettlebells is that the U shaped handle changes the way the weight works with your body. Dumbbells put the center of gravity in your hand while kettlebells have the center of gravity outside your hand. Since the gravity is outside your hand it forces your body to use more muscles when you are lowering the weight and also uses more stabilization muscles. These kettlebell movements are more like real life then using dumbbells.

Kettlebell Training Benefits

Kettlebell training exercises are used to build strength and endurance in the lower back, shoulders, legs and grip strength. Kettlebell exercises focus on full body movements with exercises such as the snatch, swing and the clean and jerk. Some of these movements may actually be dangerous if you don’t know how to do them properly.

Here are some of the other benefits of Kettlebell Training:

Time Efficient Workouts

Kettlebell exercises are time efficient because you can do more then one type of workout at the same time. It’s like a strength, cardio, balance, flexibility and endurance workout all rolled into one.

Simple Exercises

Kettlebell training is simple because you only need one piece of equipment. You can do these exercises anywhere. The workouts are also pretty straight forward.

Kettlebell Training Prevents Injuries

Using kettlebells will help prevent injuries in sports that you play. Many sports have a sudden stopping motion and quick starting. By working with kettlebells and the constant moving of the kettlebell in both directions helps your body get use to the constant deceleration which it will translate into your sport activities.

Posture and Alignment improvements

Many of the kettlebell exercises make your postural muscles stronger and therefore improve your posture.

If you are interested in starting Kettlebell Training the best bet is to seek out a kettlebell class or instructor that can help you with the exercise. Alternatively there are also many kettlebell videos and ebooks on the internet that can also help you learn more about doing kettlebell exercises.

Check out Craig Ballantyne and Chris Lopez’s Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution for more Kettlebell Training Exercises and Instruction