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Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell workouts are being used more and more as a great fat burning home workout. Since kettlebell training only use one piece of equipment (the kettlebell) it makes them very convenient for anyone that wants to get in shape at home. These kettlebell workouts combine strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular training into one workout. That’s why they are gaining popularity.

Kettlebells are constructed of a ball of iron with a handle on it. Kettlebell exercises are effective because of the shape of the bell. Most of the kettlebell exercises can be done with dumbbells but the unique shape of the kettlebell makes it’s momentum, gravity and the way your body aligns itself different from the dumbbell. Your body is forced to align your joints in a natural way that is not present with a dumbbell.

Exercises using the kettlebell are more challenging then using a dumbbell. The military press with a dumbbell is quite easy because the weight is evenly distributed. When using a kettlebell it is difficult to get it into the right position and the muscles in your forearm will be activated because the weight of the kettlebell is on your wrist. You must remember to keep your wrist straight. Don’t let the weight of the kettlebell bend your wrist back.

Kettlebell training is a lot like weight training. You have to make sure to cover all your body parts when doing kettlebell workouts to make sure you get a well balanced physique. Try not to focus on your favorite kettlebell movements but to provide yourself with a variety of exercises to hit all your body parts. Many men that lift weights tend to focus on the pretty looking body parts such as their chest and biceps. They tend to neglect their legs and back since they don’t have as much fun doing them.

Kettlebell exercises are safe for your body as long as you are doing them correctly. Many people fear that they will hurt their back or other joints. This is only if you aren’t using proper technique. Here are some benefits that you will notice from using kettlebells in your workouts.

3 Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Workouts Gain Strength

Kettlebell workouts aren’t just for fat loss. They were originally used by Russians for gaining strength. The muscle fibers that are used when lifting kettlebells are bigger and produce more force.

Fat Loss Kettlebell Workouts

If you are looking to lose fat with kettlebell workouts then your choice of weight for your kettlebell should be a moderate one. The benefit of using kettlebells for a fat loss workout is that they use multiple muscles at the same time which make your workout shorter because you only have to do 3-5 exercise per workout. Some great kettlebell exercises for fat loss include the Turkish getup, 2 hand swing, double kettlebell front squat, snatch and kettlebell overhead press.

Supplement your Workout

Kettlebells exercises are great for adding to your current workout. You can add a few kettlebell movements to make your routine a full body workout or use kettlebells instead of dumbbells for some of your exercises. This will hit your body in a different way and use more stabilizing muscles which will help your overall strength.

If you get an opportunity try out some kettlebell exercises in your next workout.

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