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Mad Scientist Muscle Review

Mad Scientist Muscle is a muscle building program created by Nick Nilsson the “Mad Scientist of Exercise”. Nick got this name because of his unorthodox training methods and exercises that are quite effective. This program is no different, it includes a series phases that take you all the way to overtraining and then back again.


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Mad Scientist Muscle Review


Who is Mad Scientist Muscle for?

Mad Scientist Muscle is actually for a wide range of individuals. It is for that is in the early intermediate to advanced levels of training. Beginners don’t need to be training like this as their muscles are still getting use to weight training. Beginners should wait until after they have been doing weight training for about 3 to 4 months before they start this program. Beginners shouldn’t have any problem seeing results with any program.


What is Mad Scientist Muscle about?

The Mad Scientist Muscle program is based on 2 principles. The first is planned overtraining and rebound and the second is Training to better support muscle growth.


Planned Overtraining and Rebound

Since your body is constantly adapting to what workouts you give it, in this section Nick will teach you how to steadily increase your workouts to the point that you are overtraining and then back off back to undertraining.


Training to Better Support Muscle Growth

This section is broken down into 4 parts. These include building a stronger frame, connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, pumping nutrients into your muscles and your nervous system.

Check out my previous post for more on these 2 principles.


Does this program work for Hardgainers?

This Mad Scientist Muscle could actually remove your “Hardgainer Status”. That’s how good this really is. Nick has a special structural training method which is an integral part of this program and this will make it easier for your body to keep and build muscle.



Is Equipment needed to follow the Mad Scientist Muscle?

Nick Nilsson actually works out at home as well, or at least that is where he is working out in the majority of his videos. To use this program you will need barbells, dumbbells and a bench. Nick also recommends a power rack if you can get one. Some of them can be quite expensive.


Is there Mad Scientist Muscle Supplements Required?

Nick has included a section about supplements and recommends a few but they are totally optional. You can still get great results with this program regardless of whether or not you take supplements.


How long are the Mad Scientist Muscle workouts?

Each of the workouts in this program is between 45 minutes to 1 hour long. The program is based on 4 days a week but you can adjust it to 3 days. Any workouts over 1 hour long can actually be worse for your progress.


How much is Mad Scientist Muscle?

The cost of “Mad Scientist Muscle” is pretty reasonable at $47. This is less then an hour of personal training and it would take weeks to get all this information from a personal trainer.

There is also an upgrade option but you don’t necessarily need it to get great results. I had to go for it though. It includes “Mad Scientist Muscle Frankenstein” edition and “The Best Mass Exercises You’ve Never Heard of”.

It’s Mad Scientist Muscle Frankenstein Edition which is another phase you can do once you have gone through the program. This is for the kind of mass that scares young children.

There is also “The Best Mass Exercises You’ve Never Heard of”. This is a 528 page pdf file so it’s packed with 119 great mass exercises for all your muscles. You also get access to the video library for this product. There are 21 back exercises, 18 chest exercises, 18 thigh/quad exercises, 15 shoulder exercises, 11 bicep exercises, 11 tricep exercises, 10 hamstring exercises and 7 calf exercises.


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What is Included with Mad Scientist Muscle?

  • Mad Scientist Muscle – 86 page pdf file.
  • Mad Scientist Muscle Workouts – 92 page printable pdf of all the workouts you will do in the program.
  • Online Video library of over 200 Exercises – This is great for those that are unfamiliar with exercises. You’ll probably learn a few new ones and you may even realize you have been doing some all wrong.
  • Nick Nilsson as your trainer – Just email Nick with any of your questions and he will help you out. This isn’t some customer service it is actually the author Nick Nilsson.


Mad Scientist Muscle Bonuses

Nick has included a boat load of extra bonuses with this program. I thought it was already a great deal but then I found all these extra bonuses which doubles it’s value.

  • Lean Muscle Meal Plans – Who wants to gain muscle with fat? Not me! These plans are designed to support muscle growth. There are meal plans for 6 different calorie target amounts. Each are around 66 pages. Luckily there is a quick start guide. You also get Dr. Berardi’s Low Carb meal plans.
  • Nick’s Classified Muscle Building Reports – 45 Killer Intensity Techniques including Arms, Chest and Intensity Techniques.
  • Testosterone Unleashed by “The Muscle Nerd” Jeff Anderson – Shoot your Natural Testosterone Levels through the roof.
  • 7 Ways to Bust a Plateau Report.


Negatives of Mad Scientist Muscle

I’d like to say something bad here but it’s hard to come up with something for such a quality product. Obviously if you want a program that provides you all types of workouts then this isn’t it. This is about building mass quickly and for the future.

If you are more into performance oriented workouts then you may have to change the split training that is in the program.


Mad Scientist Muscle Reviews

I searched around to see what people were saying about “Mad Scientist Muscle” and here are some of the user comments.

  • “I am gaining muscle faster at age 43 than I did in my 20’s.”
  • “Nick’s book is an incredible book to have & if you follow it as he has outlined for the reader, you will be in for an awakening.”
  • “For weight-lifters or bodybuilders looking for a new approach – I highly recommend it!”
  • “As soon as I implemented this program’s approach, I broke out of a 3 month plateau and was on my way to more gains in both muscle mass and muscle strength.”
  • “I have never been so excited about a muscle building program in my 20 years of bodybuilding until I read “Mad Scientist Muscle”!”


Is there a Mad Scientist Muscle guarantee?

Nick Nilsson has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for life 2 full months.

You will also notice that Nick’s business is an accredited business with the better business bureau and has an A+ rating. There is no reason to doubt this.


Where can I buy Mad Scientist Muscle?

You may find this program in a couple places online but to get the program with the all of the bonuses and exercise video library you need to purchase it from the Official site.


==> Official site of Mad Scientist Muscle <==


Mad Scientist Muscle ebook was created by fitness author Nick Nilsson. Nick is also known as the “Mad Scientist of Exercise”. That’s where he got the name for this book. He specializes in muscle building programs and exercise techniques that no one knows about. This Mad Scientist Muscle program includes some very unique techniques for building muscle and getting out of a muscle building plateau.

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Here is a breakdown of exactly what Mad Scientist Muscle is all about.

Mad Scientist Muscle

Mad Scientist Muscle is broken down into 2 principles that when combined provide explosive muscle building results.


Mad Scientist Muscle Rule #1

Many people are under the impression that Overtraining is bad for you. It’s easy to fall into this assumption as many fitness experts and books scare people into undertraining because they don’t want to overtrain. Everyone is scared that their body will be unable to recover from the volume or frequency and start to break down.

The truth is that you body is great at adapting to what you give it. This is why people hit plateaus. This is why fitness experts recommend that you change your routine every 3-6 weeks to stay out of a plateau.

Nick has a great technique to fix this problem. In the Mad Scientist Muscle program he uses a technique of temporary overtraining. This is where you will get to the point of overtraining so your body adapts to this and then you back off to overcompensate. This is where the results are.

Accumulation and Intensification Phase

This phase can easily be summed up by saying that for a few weeks you will slowly increase your number of sets for each bodypart while decreasing rest periods until you get close to overtraining. This is the Accumulation phase.

Once you reach this point of overtraining then you reduce the training volume and increase rest periods and increase the amount of weight that you are lifting. That’s where the intensification part comes in. This is where the growth happens.


Mad Scientist Muscle Rule #2

Many people think that they can’t gain muscle because of their genetics. This is somewhat true but there are many other factors that can be changed to actually help you with muscle growth despite what your genetics say.

This principle is about how you can better support muscle growth. Nick talks about it in the terms of building a house. Here is how he explains this Rule #2.

“You’re going to be able to build a bigger, better house (i.e. muscle mass) when the walls and beams are thicker and stronger (bones and connective tissue), you have more room to build (fascia), the plumbing is better (your circulatory system) and your electrical system is more efficient (your nervous system).”

These are the 4 factors that you will go through in this Mad Scientist Muscle program to get on track for faster muscle growth.


Building a stronger frame is about preparing your body to actually support then new muscle that you will be building. There are many times that I have worked out and felt that my body was holding me back because it couldn’t support any more.


Bumping out your walls is about stretching the fascia which is your connective tissue that surrounds your muscles. In order to grow your muscles bigger it needs to be stretched to allow for the extra room for your muscles.


Plumbing is the pumping of nutrients in to your muscles as well as oxygen. Your muscles need nutrients and oxygen to grow. This high rep training technique allows more blood to flow through your muscles. This is somewhat like drop sets that get your blood flowing to your muscles.

Electrical System

This phase is about making your nervous system work to it’s full capacity. This technique involves using a moderate weight and doing twice as many reps then you would normally do without negative resistance. Those kids that were fooling around at the gym may have been on to something.

I’ll be posting my unbiased no holds barred Mad Scientist Muscle Review in a couple days so come by and check it out.


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