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Metabolic Training

Metabolic Training is a new term being used constantly around the fitness industry these days. It’s a new way of training for fat loss that is different then ineffective cardio. Unlike traditional cardio that counts calories you burn during your workout, metabolic resistance training is about how many calories you will burn from the end of your workout till your next workout. Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts effect how your body burns calories after your workout no matter what you are doing then. 

How Metabolic Training Works

The reason that metabolic training burns calories even after your workout is because it creates an exercise post oxygen consumption effect on your body. This is an increased rate of oxygen consumption used to get your body back to its original state. This effect is known to last up to 38 hrs so during this time your body is burning more calories. 

Metabolic Training with Resistance

Metabolic training is done by combining exercises into super-sets, tri-sets or circuits. After each super-set, tri-set or circuit you would take a short break and then repeat for the desired number of sets. At the end of your workout you would perform an exercise like squats for 8 sets with a short rest in between each set. 

My Metabolic Training Workout

During my workout today I think I went a little bit overboard with my metabolic training workout. I combined some kettlebell exercises with TRX and didn’t take much of a rest period in between circuits. I had to sit down and relax for about 10 minutes after just to catch my breath. That’s how great of a workout it was and I didn’t even do any traditional cardio exercises. 

Alternatives to Metabolic Training

Over the years I have seen many people at the gym trying their hardest to burn fat but they can never seem to figure it out. Here are a couple of methods you may have tried before. I have actually used one of these methods myself. 

Steady State Cardio

Many people start their workout routine by doing steady state cardio on the treadmill, elliptical machine, bike or stepper. They will be on there for hours and only burning calories during their workout. They seem to lose a little weight at first but they aren’t burning any calories after their workout. Their body gets use to it and without reducing their calorie consumption drastically they won’t see much fat loss. 

Resistance Training

Resistance training with weights or even bodyweight is a great way to workout your muscles. Resistance training will actually burn more calories then steady state cardio after your workout but doesn’t burn as much during your workout. It doesn’t provide you with much of a cardiovascular workout as well. I have been doing resistance training for many years and it’s great for getting stronger and building muscle if you are lifting that heavy. It’s not much for a cardio workout. 

This is where the metabolic training comes in. It combines the best of resistance training with cardio training to bring about metabolic resistance training that burns more calories during and after your workout. You are able to get a strength training workout and cardio workout in one. You can get the same work done is a fraction of the time. I guess it’s up to you. Do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training or you can substitute both of these with 30 of metabolic resistance training. You just knocked 1.5 hrs off your weekly workout time and you are getting better results.

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