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Mi40 Program Review

Tired of training the same old way and stuck with mediocre muscle gain results? A different approach could be just what you need to overcome any muscle gain plateau and finally acquire that physique you have always desired. The Mi40 is a very popular program for gaining muscle and attaining a ripped physique. Learn what the hype surrounding this program is all about in this review.

What Is Mi40 and Who Created It?

MI40 Mass IntentionsThis is a unique, revolutionary and powerful muscle-building system by Ben Pakulski, a professional bodybuilder who loves using his knowledge and experience to help people achieve the kind of bodies they desire. The program has everything you need to overcome fitness plateaus and speed up muscle growth.

The best thing is that he uses the same methods that he recommends in this program for his own training. He also has an honor’s degree in kinesiology and biomechanics. The program contains techniques proven through science and biomechanics. He derives these powerful methods through research, application and tweaking until perfection.

With above 40 years of bodybuilding experience and educational qualification, Ben is more that qualified to provide muscle gain training. He trains celebrities, works with top coaches and is a regular in popular fitness magazines. He is also a fitness coach and public speaker, all of which add to his credibility. He is passionate about body building and helping others achieve their fitness goals.

How the Mi40 Program Works

This Mi40 program offers the best training techniques for muscle building. Ben modifies the normal exercises to stimulate more muscle groups and increase the intensity of workouts to stimulate muscle mass gain. He also offers unique hypertrophy including neurological overload sets and intentions.

It is important to do the exercises the right way until one experiences muscle tension and feels muscles react but of course without injury. One should also follow the rest days.

There are also diet tricks to increase the muscle building capability and effectiveness of the workout routine. The 40 in this program name signifies what you can expect with this program. Each cycle takes 40 days, each set and rest takes 40 seconds, each workout lasts for 40 minutes, there are 40 exercises, and 40 meal plans and 40 muscle-building foods.

What are The Components of the Mi40 Program?

  • The 40 day mass intelligence training manual
  • The 40 day mass consumption nutrition manual containing pre-workout, intra-workout and post workout diet tips
  • Workout videos with demonstrations of the correct way to perform the exercises by top bodybuilding pros
  • Exercise execution guide with detailed and illustrated demonstrations of performing the exercises
  • Printable workout sheets for planning purposes, these explain what workouts to do, the number of sets and reps, lifting speed and rest breaks
  • A calendar outlining what you have to do over the 40 day cycle to achieve your fitness goals
  • The supplement guide where Ben explains the supplements he uses and recommends for muscle growth and recovery
  • An audio component with tips and helpful information in the form of an interrogation with the creator

Is Mi40 The Right Program for You?

If you want to grow muscle and shed away fat, this program is for this purpose. However, you have to be serious, committed and determined to achieve your fitness goals. Whether just starting out, an intermediate exercise, advanced trainer or professional bodybuilder, this program has something to offer you.

MI40 Mass Intentions packageWhat Is To Like About This Program

  • Takes a natural and safe approach using training, diet and supplements to stimulate muscle-building hormones
  • Takes a unique and effective approach to gaining muscle
  • A comprehensive training manual that addresses every aspect of muscle building
  • Presents everything in an easy to understand and follow manner
  • A powerful training system for those who want maximum muscle gain

What Is Not To Like:

  • This is a challenging program that will prove hard to follow if you are not serious, as it uses very intense training sessions to stimulate and target all muscle groups
  • The program requires that you get out of your comfort zone, which can be uncomfortable

Does the Mi40 Program Really Work?

Those who have bought and followed the program say it is a great program and they have seen impressive results. Ben guarantees that his system will give you results and even provides a 60-day money back guarantee. However, you will have to work hard and go out of your body’s comfort zone. Strong commitment to the Mi40 program and a strong desire to see results makes it easy to stick with this program.

Check out the MI40 program

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