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Miranda Kerr Workout

Miranda Kerr Workout is the workout that Miranda Kerr does and will help you obtain a body like Miranda Kerr. I’m guessing if you are here you already know that Miranda Kerr is one of Victoria’s Secret Angles.

Miranda Kerr was born on April 20, 1983 in Sydney Australia. She is of English, French and Scottish descent. Many people probably don’t know this but when she was a child she would race motorbikes and ride horses on her grandmother’s farm. I don’t think many models are tomboys but it seems like she is.

Many models like Miranda Kerr are training with workouts that are geared towards women because they don’t want to put on a lot of muscle. The model look needs to be a slim feminine physique that focuses on being stronger and eating right.

Miranda Kerr Workout

Miranda Kerr workout is also an essential reason that Miranda Kerr looks so good. Only 5 months after having her baby with Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr was walking down the runway in the Victoria Secret 2.5 million dollar Fantasy Treasure Bra. I realize that you can’t afford this but there is no reason that you can’t look that good without the bra.

Miranda Kerr Workout

The Miranda Kerr workout routine seems to be a popular item since everyone wants to look like a supermodel. Like the Miranda Kerr diet, the Miranda Kerr workout routine contains variety. Just like anything in life, if you do it enough then your body will adapt to it and it will become boring and stale. When things become boring then you don’t feel like doing them any more. This is the reason that most people fail at their dreams of becoming a supermodel or losing fat to look great.

Miranda Kerr will usually workout 3-4 times a week for anywhere between 75 to 90 minutes per workout. Her workouts are created by her trainer Justin Gelband. She tries to keep her workout routine fairly consistent. The Miranda Kerr workout usually includes a mix of yoga, low-impact cardio, resistance and functional exercise, combined with high energy training such as boxing or running.

Miranda Kerr Workout Routine

I have been searching around for the Miranda Kerr workout routine and everyone seems to have this workout routine so it must be legit.

15 Minutes of Interval Training
Miranda does interval training with jogging and sprinting. She sprints for 30 seconds and then jogs for 2 minutes. She would go through this interval 6 times for a total of 15 minutes.

10 Minutes Jump Rope Workout
Miranda’s jump rope workout consists of 5 minutes or regular jumping followed by 5 minutes of advanced jumping technique. This advanced jumping technique includes double skips, one-legged jumps and knee tucks.

20 Minute Ladder Snatches Resistance Training Cardio
This is a pretty exhausting workout. Miranda will lay out 4 dumbbells of different weights. All of them are under 15 lbs. You could use 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10 and then once you get good at it increase to the next level. The exercise that she uses is snatches. She will do one rep or each weight. Once she is done this she will move on to 2 reps for each weight. Then she will keep increasing by 1 rep each time until she gets to 10 reps per weight. She includes little breaks so her heart rate is up and it becomes a cardio workout as well.

20 Minute Lower Body Workout
Miranda Kerr’s lower body workout includes barbell squats, barbell lunges, barbell reverse lunges and box jumps. She will do each exercise for 3 sets with 12 reps per set.

10 Minute Jump Rope Workout
This is the same as the one above. Wow this is getting tiring just reading about it.

15 Minutes Incline Treadmill
Miranda will do here incline treadmill workout at 15 degrees. She does 3 minutes of sprinting, 6 minutes of walking and then 6 minutes walking backwards. The walking is at a slower pace to cool down.

Ok if I added that up right then it’s a 90 minute workout. Sometimes she will also do yoga but it must be on another day because this is already too long for a workout. That is one workout that you can try to get a body like Miranda Kerr. Most workouts are good for about 4 weeks before you should be changing them up.

Most of the time that people fail with their fitness goals is usually because they don’t have a plan. I know if I just go to the gym and workout on random machines and do random exercises I never see results. The same goes for my diet. As you can see Miranda is pretty strict when it comes to her Miranda Kerr workout and diet and that is why she looks the way she does. Discipline and a proper planed routine equal results.

Check out this workout to get in shape like Miranda does with the Miranda Kerr Workout.

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