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Monday Cheat Sheet: Top 10 Health and Fitness Posts of the Week

This is the 5th edition of the “Monday Cheat Sheet“. This has been another week of great articles around the web. This weeks articles focus on staying healthy and nutrition tips, training techniques for properly doing exercises and warming up, and ways that you can become greater in your everyday life and get better results.


Top 10 Health and Fitness Posts of the Week

Staying Healthy

Should I Workout With A Cold … Or Sit On My Butt And Rest?
Will you feel better that you still got your workout in and should this even be done?

Paleo Central: The First Nerd Fitness App is Now Available!
If you are thinking of going paleo then this app takes the guess work about what you can and can’t eat while trying to follow the Paleo Diet.

15 Ways To Eat Better Every Day
Eating should be much simpler than it is. Try these 15 tips that will make it easier.

How to control portion sizes when losing weight
Portion size is one of the main reasons that people gain weight. Try these 8 ways to control your portion sizes.

Got Milk or Got Myth? Is Dairy Really Good For Your Bones?
Take a look at what is really going on in your bones and whether dairy plays a part in keeping them healthy.

Training Techniques

How to Master the Pull-up 
Pull-ups are a hard workout to do. Check out these tips for how you can work your way up to doing a pull-up.

The Myth of Neutral Spine 
Find out what “Neutral Spine” alignment looks like for when you are doing squats and deadlifts.

Dynamic Warm Up Exercises: Prepare Your Body For Battle and Avoid Injury With Athletic Drills
Warming up is very important when exercising. Check out these different warm-up exercises you can do to avoid injury.

Better Results

50 Ways to Achieve Greatness in Your Life
Here are 50 things to think about while living your everyday life.

The Reason You May Not be Getting Results & What to do about It
Check out these 4 things that may be shutting down your results and how you can fix them.


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