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Muscle Explosion Review

Muscle Explosion states that it shows “How to Break All the ‘Rules’ in your Training and Totally Shatter your Genetic Barriers to Maximum Mass NOW!”. This is actually pretty interesting since many people tend to think that their bodies can only have a certain potential. Nick Nilsson believes that you can surpass this potential.

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Over the years I have seen many people training so hard and not getting any results from their hard workout. The truth is that they were just doing the right training. They were eating enough but it was being wasted as it turned to fat or came out the other way. There are so many people that just don’t know when how to properly train for muscle and feed their bodies the right foods at the right times. If this sounds like you then you better read this review.


Muscle Explosion Review

What is Muscle Explosion about?

There are several steps or techniques that you go through in the muscle explosion program. Here are the techniques that are used:

  1. Build a stronger frame – There is specific training you will do to target your connective tissue to improve the strength of your frame so you can support more muscle.
  2. Fascia – This technique is about giving your muscles room to grow. Think of it as bumping out your walls so your muscles can get bigger.
  3. Feed Muscle Cells – Develop more efficient and dense circulation in your muscle cells so they use the nutrients you are giving them.
  4. Hyperplasia – This amazing training technique produces results some people don’t see in 5 months of training.
  5. Eat for Serious Mass – Nick has an terrific technique that forces your body to gain muscle.

All of these workouts can be done in less then 1 hr and some of the workouts are as short as 20 minutes.


What does the Muscle Explosion Pdf Consist of?

The Muscle Explosion program manual is broken down in to 3 sections which include The Program, Nutrition and Exercise.

The Program

This section includes the day by day outline so you know what to do each day of the program.


This section guides you through the nutritional techniques and phases you will use in this program. Nick goes through each week for your nutrition requirements, recommended supplements, post workout nutrition, meal plans and caloric intake.


Nick has included cutting edge training techniques that are designed to put on muscle as well as increase strength while keeping your body fat low.


Who should use Muscle Explosion?

Muscle Explosion is for the intermediate and advanced trainer that is ready to CRUSH plateaus with strength and growth that they never thought possible.
This program isn’t for beginners.


Is Equipment needed to follow the Muscle Explosion?

If you are looking to get great results with this program I recommend that you have a gym membership so you are able to do most of the exercises in this program.


Is there Muscle Explosion Supplements Required?

Nick does recommend some supplements but they are nothing fancy. These are just ones that he has taken and worked for him. You don’t need them to get results. Training and nutrition are the most important parts. Nick does outline when to take supplements so you know how to use them if you do decide to take some. He also includes a quick reference table for those that are taking them.


What’s included with this purchase?

  • The main Muscle Explosion Manual that is about 181 pgs in Pdf Format.
  • Roughly 70 exercise videos that you can save to your computer for easy access.
  • FAQ Database that includes: troubleshooting, the program, exercises, nutrition, supplementation, modifying the program and miscellaneous questions.
  • 7 Bonuses + 2 Surprise Bonuses
  • UNLIMITED Free Updates! Every time Nick adds to the program you get the updates.
  • Nick Nilsson’s Time… Nick will be there with you every step of the way. Just fire him an email and he will get back to you with an answer. He’s usually pretty quick at responding.


Sample Video of Barbell Curl Squats. A great core exercise included in this Muscle Explosion Program.



Muscle Explosion Bonuses

Nick has gone Mad Scientist Mad and has a ton of bonuses included with this program.

  1. 30 Day Bonus Membership to Nick’s “Powerful Training Secrets” website – Nick has some of the most unique exercises programs and training techniques in here. He is always adding to this library.
  2. Intense by Nature Pdf by Ray Burton. – There are some challenging workouts in this manual for bodybuilding and cardio conditioning.
  3. The Dennis Weis “Yukon Hercules” MASS Reports – This is a combination of 5 power packed e-reports that will Shock your muscles into new growth.
  4. Testosterone Unleashed by “The Muscle Nerd” Jeff Anderson – Find out how to shoot your Natural Testosterone levels through the roof.
  5. Female Bodybuilder Karen Sessions 2 ebooks – Female Bodybuilding and 15 Dieting Mistakes.
  6. 3 Month Membership to Turbulence Training – I have been using turbulence training and this members site has some great fat loss workouts, exercises and nutrition tips. 3 Months usually costs around $59. It’s free as a bonus though.
  7. 30 Day Supply of Sleepzyme – This is a herbal sleep aid so you can get a better night sleep.
  8. 2 more special bonuses that you’ll have to find out for yourself.


How much does Muscle Explosion Cost?

Nick is definitely undercharging for this program since there are several of his bonuses that would cost you more then that actual program if you bought them individually. It’s about half the cost of a 5 lbs tub of protein and cheaper then 1 month at the gym.

Only $29.95. He must have gone Mad…

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Negatives of Muscle Explosion

The negatives of muscle explosion would have to be that this is a tough program. You should already know this before beginning though. Some side effects of this program are an increase in muscle strength and muscle growth.

This isn’t a program for beginners so make sure you are already at an intermediate training level before starting. The solution to this problem is Nick’s other program “Mad Scientist Muscle”. This will help you start off your muscle building potential and then when you are ready you can try this program or you may like that one so much you decide to stick with it.


What are peoples Comments about Muscle Explosion?

Here are some of the comments that people are making about Muscle Explosion.

  • “I really enjoyed this book and found Mr. Nilsson’s approach very interesting and credible.”
  • “If you’re looking for probably the best method to the fastest muscle naturally, I strongly recommend reading Muscle Explosion and learning more about Nilsson.”
  • “I know I am only 3 weeks into this workout, but the gains are so incredible.”
  • “This is the ONLY book I’ve bought where the writer volunteered his time to answer my questions and help me out.”
  • “I’ve become so much stronger not only physically but mentally as well with the workouts and the very detailed diet lined out.”
  • “This programme is, in my opinion, the best that is on the market at the moment.”
  • “His routines are unique and remarkably effective.”
  • “He is a pure Mad Genius in the field of exercise and muscle building.”


Is there a Muscle Explosion guarantee?

If you notice at the bottom of the Muscle Explosion page there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it is lifetime.

You will also notice that Nick’s business is an accredited business with the better business bureau and has an A+ rating. There is no reason to doubt this.


Where can I buy Muscle Explosion?

You may find this book somewhere else on the web but understand that you will only get the reading material. Bonuses and the exercise database with demonstrations of techniques won’t be included elsewhere.

Get it here from the official site ==> Muscle Explosion <==

(This has all the bonuses and videos)

Anyone that has the desire and is willing to put in the effort to follow the Muscle Explosion program in its entirety should have no problem getting results.

Muscle Explosion Results

Muscle Explosion was written by fitness author Nick Nilsson. Nick Nilsson use to be an endurance athlete and competed in triathlons. He was a skinny 145 lbs and that was when he was soaking wet. Nick is actually an ectomorph with narrow shoulders, skinny calves, joints that crack and grind as well as poor leverage.


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Nick Nilsson as a Triathlete before Building Muscle

This almost sounds like me and a lot of other guys that just hate their genetics and wish they could build muscle like those genetically gifted people.

Nick use to think he could never build the muscle mass that he saw in magazines. He always thought the answer to his muscle building problems was that he wasn’t taking the right supplements. He was limited by his genetics and thought he would be forever skinny.


Muscle Explosion Results

Nick Nilsson wanted to have huge ripped muscles so bad that he was willing to do whatever it would take to do it as long as it didn’t include steroids. He was at the point of taking hundreds of dollars of supplements, eating like a pig and training like an animal. This wasn’t getting him anywhere.

He decided to start doing some research to actually learn how to build muscle properly rather then waste tons of money and time getting nowhere.


Muscle Explosion Results from Nick Nilsson

Nick has gone through the Muscle Explosion 4 times. During the 4 tests which took about 4 months Nick gained 35 lbs of bodyweight with minimal gain in body fat. That took him from 184 lbs to 219 lbs.

Here are some of the Results he has seen when he was testing his program.

  • Focused on Deadlifts – Nick gained 7lbs in one week and added 60 lbs to his deadlift in just 4 days. He started at 365 lbs for 6 reps and ended at 425 lbs for 6 reps.
  • Focused on Arms – Nick gained a permanent half inch in just 3 weeks. Even when he went back to balanced training he kept this gain.
  • Focused on Front Squats – On the first day of the second week Nick was lifting 185 lbs for 4 sets and by the end of the week he did 44 sets with 185 lbs.
  • Focused on Chest – During one round he was able to do a set of flyes with 120 lbs.


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Current Picture of Nick Nilsson

In his 17 years of training he has never gotten these gains in strength and mass with any other program.

There are some comments of people that have also gotten Muscle Explosion results:

  • I added thirty pounds to my Squat the first time through the program.
  • By the end of the second week my deadlift went up 66 lbs.
  • I gained about 6 lbs of solid muscle in the 1st month and 4 lbs in the second.

As with any muscle building program the key to getting results is putting in hard work and following the program as it is meant to be completed. This is only a 4 week program so it’s easier to follow then some of those longer 6 month programs. You can also do this program more then once.

I’ll be back in a couple days with a No Holds Barred full review of the Muscle Explosion program.


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