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P90X Review of the 90 Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout

I was looking around the net for P90X reviews of Tony Horton’s 90-day Extreme Home Fitness Workout and the reviews I found were pretty hurting. There was better reviews from people commenting on Amazon then most of these fitness reviewers.

I have used the P90X DVD’s but I kind of did my own program with them so I didn’t follow the routine step by step.

P90X Review of Tony Horton’s 90-day Extreme Home Fitness Workout

The P90X workout is pretty extreme and that’s no secret since they call it an extreme home fitness workout. If you are thinking about doing this in the gym it probably won’t work since you don’t have a TV and DVD player there and it will be tough switching between different exercises and getting the equipment you need.

Is P90X Equipment Needed?

The P90X program suggests that you have a set of dumbbells or lightweight resistance bands and a chin-up bar. You would also benefit from having push-up stands, a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a heart rate monitor,

I found that the dumbbells and pullup bar were beneficial to my workout and if you have 2 sets of dumbbells that’s even better. You could also get the Bowflex 552 dumbbells that are adjustable and go from 2.5 lbs to 52.5 lbs. This will save lots of time so you don’t have to change the weights during your workout.

You don’t need the specific p90x equipment, any equipment will do.

What are the Videos Like?

Most of the workouts in the P90X program are about 1 hour long. The workouts are filmed in a workout studio with a good atmosphere. Tony Horton usually has 3 people in his crew doing the workouts along with you. His crew is made up of men and women of different degrees of flexibility and fitness levels. Tony and his crew provide direction for each exercise and also variations for people working out with different degrees of flexibility, fitness levels and abilities (knee, shoulder problems, etc…).

If structure is what you need you’ll probably like the fact that each workout has a timer at the bottom to show you how much time is left in the workout and each individual exercise. I found this helpful so I could try to get the most reps out of each exercise.

P90X Extreme Home Fitness

Who is P90X for?

P90X is for people that area already moderately fit or at least not a couch potato, and want an extreme training program to get their body to the next level. The expectation is that you are already in shape and want to get in better shape.

If you aren’t in somewhat good shape then you first goal would be to get in good enough shape to start the program.

What are the workouts like?

The P90X program is a 6/7 day workout with workouts that will kick your butt. If they don’t then you probably aren’t trying hard enough. The workouts combine everything from flexibility, strength, endurance and stamina.

The workouts are about 60 minutes each and there are 12 workouts in total.

Do I need Supplements?

They say that you will benefit more from supplements but they aren’t needed. If you decide to get any it would probably be cheaper to just get your own rather then the ones that they are selling. I just use regular whey protein powder for my after workout protein drink.

How is P90X different from other DVD Workouts?

Most video workout programs will focus on either yoga, cardio, stretching, or strength training. The P90X workout program addresses all your fitness needs combining all of these types of workouts into one program.

How is P90X Laid out?

P90X Classic Schedule

Weeks 1-3

The first 3 weeks are strength training on days 1,3, and 5. Each bodypart gets worked out once a week with the exception of back. On days 2, 4, and 6 you focus on the cardio, yoga, pylometrics and kempo workouts. The 7th day is an off day or the stretching workout.

Week 4

Week 4 replaces the resistance days with other types of cardio and strechting and also introduces the core routine.

Weeks 5-7

The 2,4, and 6 days are the same as the first 3 weeks but days 1,3, and 5 have new resistance workouts. This helps you to change up the workouts and avoid any plateaus.

Week 8

Week 8 is the same as week 4 removing the resistance workouts.

Weeks 9 and 11

These are the same workout routine as weeks 1-3.

Weeks 10 and 12

These are the same workout routine as weeks 5-7.

The ab ripper X workout is also done on the resistance days as well.

The program comes with a schedule to make it easy for you to follow along.

P90X Lean and P90X Doubles Versions

There are also these 2 other versions of workouts. If you want to focus more on weight loss and slimming down then you can do the P90X Lean version.

The P90X doubles is for an ultimate challenge workout where some days you will be doing 2 workouts. This seems a bit extreme for me.

How much does P90X cost?

Don’t pay more then $150 for this program. It’s 39.95 X 3 + 19.95 Shipping, which is about $140 on the P90X Website. Amazon is about the same price with free shipping.

Compare P90X Amazon Prices

What’s Included with the P90X System?

P90X workout dvd'sThe P90X program includes 12 DVD workouts, a nutrition plan, a “How to bring it” DVD and a calendar to track your progress.

Here is a summary of the different dvd’s included in the program.

  1. Chest/Back is 52 minutes – This chest and back workout is the combination of supersets that use the upper body exercises pushups and pullups. These exercises are great for burning lots of calories as well as building strength and muscle.
  2. Plyometrics is 60 minutes – Pylomentrics is also knows as jump training. There are over 30 jumping moves in this cardio routine. It’s great for improving your athletic performance. People with joint issues may have problems with this workout. Make sure to take extra breaks if you are having problems with this intense workout. Try to land softly when doing these jumps.
  3. Shoulders/Arms is 60 minutes – You’ll find lots of pressing, curling and fly movements in this workout.
  4. Yoga X 1 hour 34 minutes – This yoga program combines strength, balance, coordination and flexibility into one workout. I had trouble doing this one the first few times. Yoga always looked so easy but it isn’t. You’ll be surprised how hard it is.
  5. Legs and Back 60 minutes – This workout will have you squatting, lunging and doing lots of pullups. I can’t believe I never use to do lunges before doing this workout. They are so much harder then you would expect if you haven’t done them before. You’ll be sorry if you haven’t done them before.
  6. Kempo X – 60 minutes – The kempo workout is all about punching, kicking to improve your balance, endurance, flexibility and coordination. You may even learn some new moves for defending yourself. This is one of the lighter workouts.
  7. Stretch X – The stretch X is a great part of this program. I find this workout great for a rest day and it’s good for increasing your flexibility and preventing injuries.
  8. Core Synergistics – The exercises in this workout are all multi muscle exercises that get you moving in every direction. They begin this workout in week 4. It’s an extremely tough workout but it’s fun.
  9. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (Phase 2) is 58 minutes – This workout focuses on strengthening your smaller and larger muscles while doing presses, flys and extensions. You’ll find a lot more one arm movements to make them more challenging.
  10. Back and Biceps (Phase 2) is 56 minutes – This workout is great for adding size to those biceps for men or toning them for women. It’s also a great back workout for getting that definition you desire.
  11. Cardio X – This Cario X workout can be used as a supplement to the other workouts if you want to do more. It’s a low impact workout so it is great for everyone. You can also use this in place of the plyometrics if the jumping is too much for you.
  12. Ab Ripper X is 16 minutes – The ab ripper X workout is great for building your core and abdominal strength. There are 11 for your abdominals and there are probably ones you haven’t seen yet. Some people may want to do these separate from the other workouts as you may be too tired after the other workout. It’s a nice quick workout that you can do in the morning or late at night. People will be amazed with your P90X abs.

What are people saying about P90X?

Many people are commenting on their experience with the P90X program. On the P90X website www.p90x.com there are 3394 Reviews with an average rating of at 4.8 out of 5. Some of the things that people like about the p90x program are that it is Very Effective (766), Met Expectations (698), Fun (29), Variety (18), Challenging (14), Motivating (13), Easy to follow (10), Exceeded Expectations (9) and Great Vareity (8).

Some of the p90x reviews that were bad said that it Did not meet expectations (28), was Time Consuming (28), Not Effective (11), Yoga (6) and Expensive (6). Maybe they were expecting an easier workout and something that didn’t take any of their time. If it wasn’t effective then it was probably because they didn’t take it out of the box. I understand teh yoga is long and that’s probably why they didn’t like it. If you sign up to any gym you’ll be paying at least the price of this program for 90 days.

1,903 out of 1,950 (98%) customers from the p90x website would recommend this product.

P90X Results

Here are some P90X pictures of the men and women that have gotten results with the P90X Extreme Home Workouts.

P90X Transformations

P90X Results

P90X Testimonials and Comments

  • “There’s so many positive things to say about this product it’s hard to know where to begin.”
  • “Overall, an outstanding product. High quality, very professional, no gimmicks. Just a solid plan for improved fitness that truly does work.”
  • “It absolutely works.”
  • “This was the best $150 bucks I have ever spent, just remember to Bring It!”
  • “Not a penny wasted!,”
  • “As ridiculous as it sounds, I actually had girls walk up to me, feel my arms, and ask me if I had been working out. This program will transform your body.
    I’ll admit, before beginning P90x, the thought crossed my mind: “the wife might be impressed with my strength & athleticism”. Wrong. Unless, of course, shouting various insults at the tv whilst lying motionless on the floor is “impressive”.”
  • “Why did I spend all those years in the gym?”
  • “This is the best thing going if your intent is real fitness.”
  • “The best home workout program for getting super-fit”
  • “I have always felt it was only women who use fitness videos. After completing the 90 day bootcamp, let me say wow. I went from 14 to 8% bodyfat, my chest, arms, and abs are ripped and I feel great, I am in the best shape of my life by far.”


There is a fitness test you need to pass before starting the workout and there were a few people that complained about not passing it, therefore they were too out of shape to use the program. Some guy even went on about having to return it to get his money back minus the shipping cost. Obviously this guy wanted an excuse so he wouldn’t have to get in shape or workout. There was someone that remedied this by doing the “Power half Hour” workout so he could get in shape to start the P90X. Another option someone could try is to watch the videos and pick up on a couple exercises that they could try at their own pace for a brief workout.

Some people have had problems with the DVD’s not working when they received their order. Many of these were on Amazon. Most of their comments don’t say whether or not they purchased it through Amazon directly or through a seller on Amazon. I would recommend if you do get it from Amazon to purchase it directly from them as some of the sellers on there are sketchy and may not respond after they sell you the item. Some of the sellers are also trying to pass off pirated versions at the real thing.

Where to buy

The P90X videos can be purchased via the P90X website or through Amazon. If you are buying through Amazon then be aware that there may be sellers out there selling pirated copies so make sure to purchase directly through amazon.

More P90X Reviews

If you are looking for more reviews on the P90X DVD’s there are many detailed reviews on Amazon.

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