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Reveal the Steel Review

There is a new fitness product called Reveal the Steel coming out on July 3, 2012. This product was created by Clint Nielson from Austalia.

Clint has created a product that takes the no bs approach to fitness. He isn’t into fads or gimmicks and he knows that you aren’t either. His program was made to take the guess workout out of losing fat and gaining muscle.

Who is Reveal the Steel for?

Reveal the Steel PdfThis program was created for men and women so they can have a program that they can use year round to get in and stay in fantastic shape. The unique thing about this is that it works for both genders so you and your significant other can use the program together.

What is Reveal the Steel about?

Some of the things that Reveal the Steel program reveals are:

  • How to set expectations that you can meet so you aren’t let down when you don’t get the results you are expecting.
  • Teaches you about the things that are keeping you from getting the body you have always desired.
  • Foods you can eat all year
  • How you can eat foods like ice cream, cookies, cake as well as drink beer, wine and liquor all year while still maintaining a great looking body.
  • How to calorie count so you don’t have to do it ever again.
  • The ups and downs of Intermittent fasting.
  • How Clint went from an ok body to the one you see on the cover.

Who created this program?

Clint Nielsen before and afterClint Nielsen is the author of the reveal the steel program. He has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and decided that he wanted to share his vast knowledge with others. He started his crude fitness website which takes the no bs approach to fitness and he reveals the truth and his take on many fitness subjects.

After he was critized for his “man boobs” he decided that he need to do something about them. He realized how out of control his eating habits become since he had been going out most nights for drinks with friends.

He began to get into better shape by working out all the time. He didn’t really know how he was doing it but the shear volume got the job done. It could have been done in half the time if he had the knowledge then that he has now.

Clint has tried hundreds of different programs or systems for getting in shape so he knows what works and what doesn’t. As you can see from his picture on the book, he does seem to know what it takes to get a great looking body and get ripped.

Even know he is in fantastic shape he is still able to have fun with friends as well as eat and drink his favorite foods and drinks while still being able to maintain his physique.

Where can you get this program?

You can get it from the official site. ==> Click Here to go to Reveal the Steel


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