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Should you Build More Muscle to Burn More Fat?

You’ve probably heard the saying that muscle burns more calories than fat does. This is the truth but is it really that advantageous for you to spend all your time building muscle just so you can burn those few extra calories that it will burn?

I was reading this article by Rusty Moore and in it he states:

“For each pound of lean muscle that you gain, you will burn an extra 12 calories per day.”

It’s hard to believe that people are still following the build more muscle to burn more fat. This sounds pretty ridiculous. They probably haven’t calculated it out. All they need to do is drop a couple crumbs off their food for 12 calories.

Check out Rusty Moore’s “Gaining Muscle Mass is NOT the Best Way to Burn Body Fat” article and he will show you a system to burn body fat 10 times quicker with diet and cardio.

Gaining Muscle Mass is NOT the Best Way to Burn Body Fat

This article was written by Rusty Moore from “Fitness Black Book”. Check out his fat burning cardio workout “Visual Impact Cardio”.

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