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Shoulder Press is Damaging Your Shoulders and Leading to Shoulder Pain

Did you know that shoulder presses are damaging your shoulders and possibly leading to shoulder pain. I didn’t realize this either. Everyone in the gym does shoulder presses. How can they be bad for your shoulders?

The truth is that there are many exercises that are bad for your joints but tonnes of people still do them. It’s because everyone plays follow the leader and no one ever finds out the truth about them.

Our shoulders are actually getting reshaped in the wrong way because we are in the end range when performing this exercise. By lifting weights in the end range it makes it worse. This increases the chance of injury and pain in the shoulders.

The good news is that there is a way that you can still do shoulder press exercises and make your shoulders happier in the process.

Check out this video as Rick demonstrates how you can do shoulder presses the safe and happy way.

How to do Shoulder Presses without Pain

Rick Kaselj, MS is the author of the Fix My Shoulder Pain Program.


Hopefully this video helped you eliminate some shoulder pain. It definitely helped me.

Other Exercises Causing Shoulder Pain and Injury

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