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Thanks for Signing Up!

Thanks For Signing Up!


Hey, it’s Darren here. Thanks for signing up for my Lean Body Transformation Guide, Cheat Sheet and my newsletter where I’ll share tricks that can help you to transform your body.

The email that you should be looking for will be from “Darren – Transformation Cheat Sheet”

The First email will have the subject “Here is your Transformation Guide”


#1 – I’ll be sending you my mini course of 10 emails over the next 3 weeks.

These emails will take you step by step through what I did to transform my body.

You’ll see these emails in your inbox as “Step 1: ….”. You’ll be seeing 1 through 10. Make sure to read them so you stay on track.

These emails are to help you learn from my mistakes so you can do more with less time.

If you aren’t up for transforming your body and you’d rather sit on the couch, be lazy and get fatter then simply unsubscribe.


#2 – You’ll also be getting my regular newsletter emails 2-3 times a week.

This will be in addition to the mini course in #1. I’ll be sharing tips, videos, discounts and other health and fitness things I find useful for your transformation.


#3 – I’m here to help you Transform your Body.

Everyone is at a different point in their transformation so I’ll do my best to provide information that helps you to achieve a lean body.
I have done my own transformation recently which you can see in this picture below.

I’ve been working out for about 20 years with a couple breaks in there that I wasn’t as motivated. Over those years I’ve used many different forms of exercise from weight training, rowing, cardio machines, circuit training, kettlebells, trx as well as useless fitness gadgets that I’m not proud of.

It’s nice to make your own mistakes but I would rather learn from others mistakes. So I’ll also be letting you know what not to do so you can stay injury free and motivated as well.

This isn’t my full time job but that doesn’t mean I don’t treat it like one. It is a goal of mine to make it my full time job though. No one pays me to do this, I’m doing it to help you. So if you find a recommendation or a link to a product in an email from me or on my blog realize that I’ll be making a commission from it. That helps to cover the costs of my website and some of my time.

I’m just a typical family guy. I have 3 boys that are more then a handful. I know how it goes, Eat, sleep, work, clean, play with the kids, exercise and more work.

You can find more information on:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/transformationcheatsheet

My Website: http://transformationcheatsheet.com

Wishing you great success at transforming your body.

Darren Letourneau