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The Fat Burning Kitchen – Catherine Ebeling

The Fat Burning Kitchen is co-authored by Catherine Ebeling. Catherine Ebeling is an RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.. Catherine also has a background in physical therapy and has been in the fitness business for over 12 years.

For years, Catherine Ebeling had poor health, no energy, digestive problems, acne, brain fog, insomnia, depression, anxiety, ADD, yeast infections, colds, congestion, bad allergies, sleepiness, irritability, weight gain, thyroid problems, hair loss, rashes, constipation, diarrhea, arthritis, joint swelling, sleep issues, PMS, bloating, anemia and more.

Catherine Ebeling worked out, went to bed early, ate a healthy diet and didn’t have any unhealthy habits like smoking. She decided to do an elimination diet to find out what the causes of her problems were. She was shocked with what she found out about the so called healthy diets that people are using. The truth is that most of these foods that she was eating for her healthy diet were not healthy at all. They were leading to weight gain and health problems.


Why did Catherine Ebeling write The Fat Burning Kitchen?

Catherine Ebeling wrote The Fat Burning Kitchen to save you time and energy so you can get straight to the root of your health problems and lose weight. It has taken Catherine about 30 years to figure out all this information through research and studying nutrition experts, doctors, dieticians, weight loss experts and more.

Through all this research Catherine has found the secret to looking great, feeling good and living a healthy life. The great thing is that this has nothing to do with starving yourself or only eating berries, seeds and nuts. Catherine just likes to eat good food.


What is The Fat Burning Kitchen About?

In The Fat Burning Kitchen Catherine Ebeling explains how so called health foods are actually bad for your health and cause weight gain. Catherine will also explain how some of the best fat burning foods around are not actually good for your health. It focuses on the Simple, Smart, Nutritional approach to get real results.

The first section of The Fat Burning Kitchen outlines the truth about foods in your diet in regards to flour and corn products, drinks, cooking oils, sweetners, dairy, meats, soy product, energy drinks and bars, as well as processed weight loss meals and snacks.

The second section of The Fat Burning Kitchen outlines what kinds of foods you should be stocking your fridge with in regards to chocolates, vegetables, nuts, dairy, beef, energy bars and teas.

There is also an additional section with a 23 Day accelerated fat loss blueprint. This section of the Fat Burning Kitchen outlines Mike Geary’s transformation form 10.2% body gat to 6.9% body fat in only 23 days.

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  • Shari April 1, 2013, 11:09 am


    Is there a phone number that I could order this book from?

    Thank you.


    • Transformation Cheat Sheet April 6, 2013, 9:17 pm

      The book is only available online.

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