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The Shrink Wrap Effect is why I can’t see My Abs

Have you ever gotten to a point that you were super lean and your abs had that shrink wrap effect and it looks like your skin is glued to your muscles?

If so then you are probably frustrated like I was.

Six Pack Abs Washboard Stomach Transformation

My 12 Week Transformation

After my 3 month transformation last year I had almost gotten to that point but something was missing. I made it all the way to 164lbs which is a weight that I was at 17 before I started training at the gym.

The results from my transformation were:

Start  – Finish = Difference

Weight 198 – 164 = Lost34 lbs

Body Fat 21.2% – 8.3% = Lost 12.9%

Waist 39inches – 31 inches = Lost 8 inches

I managed to place 2nd in the contest with my 1st place results.

At this point I could faintly see a six pack. I thought I was at a body fat level that would have warranted having a six pack. There was even an expert that told me there was no way I could be at this body fat percentage and not have a great looking six pack. Those are the numbers that my body fat caliper gave me and I measured my body fat the same as I did when I started the competition. The truth is that if it isn’t that well developed and all of the skin doesn’t shrink wrap around your abs then your abs won’t look that great. There are lots of skinny guys with single digit body fat and no six pack because they never workout.

How to Not get the Shrink Wrap Effect

I realize there are lots of guys and may be girls out there looking for perfect looking ripped abs. You probably think that you have tried everything like I have. There are a lot of myths out there and lots of ab gimmicks on TV all the time. Here are some things that won’t work for getting washboard abs. I know because I have done them.

1 – Doing a workout without a diet. I spent many years, 16 to be exact, without watching my diet. There is NO WAY that you are going to get the shrink wrap effect around your abs without watching your diet.

2 – Eating Junk Food. Yes I may be a junk food addict. If it’s there I will eat it. You can’t imagine how hard it was to stay away from junk food during my transformation. I skipped dessert every night.

3 – Late night snacking. Watching TV may actually cause you to eat more since you aren’t paying attention to how much you are eating.

4 – Weight Loss supplements. My opinion, these don’t work, especially if you are still eating junk food and expecting them to perform miracles.

5 – Working out with ab Gadgets. All those infomercial ab machines that you find on TV at 2am are scheduled at that time for a reason. The couch potatoes are up and looking for a lazy way to get themselves a six pack. Either that or people are getting home from the bar, they struck out, and they are looking for a way to get in better shape so next time they can pick up. I had the ab roller. I could have spent all day on this machine and never had a visible six pack.

6 – Diet without working out. OK I didn’t do this one but a lot of people do. This is a recipe for getting skinnier which is all it is. If you want to get a six pack where do you think those muscles are going to come from if all you are doing is dieting?

7 – Following people that don’t have a clue. For many years I followed my buddy for workout advice. The truth is he didn’t know much more than I did. Get the proper information from people that have actually used a program and got results from it.

8 – Winging it. No one ever became successful without a plan. Why should you be able to? Schedule your workouts, write down what you did and keep a close eye on your calories whether you are measuring them daily or using a weekly allowance.

9 – Go out and booze it up every night. If you are drinking every night then the last thing you are going to get is washboard abs. The truth is that the booze isn’t even the worst part about partying every night. It’s the late night run for burgers, pitas, tacos or whatever floats your boat.

10 – No Cardio workouts. You may be able to reach your goal without cardio but it is going to take much longer. For years I didn’t do cardio and I still hate it. You can do cardio on a machine, running, playing your favourite sport or even circuits with weights. You’ll feel fitter and be able to keep up with your kids or nieces and nephews.

Now that we got what not to do out of the way, here is how to get the Shrink Wrap Effect.

How to get the Shrink Wrap Effect

There are probably many ways to get the shrink wrap effect but most of them don’t hold it for very long. The reason that I didn’t get the shrink wrapped look is because I wasn’t lean for long enough.

Here are the 3 Key Steps

1 – Lean Out – Start dieting to drop body fat. While doing this you should also be building strength and muscle density.

2 – Stay Lean – Stay at your new body fat percentage for 2 months so your skin can adjust to your new size. This is the step that many people don’t do. It takes time to get your skin to shrink.

3 – Build Muscle – By building muscle at this stage your muscles will look a lot bigger because your skin is so tight around it.

The Killer Step: Add creatine to step 3. Since creatine gives your muscles more volume it will increase the look of the shrink wrap effect.

It actually sounds pretty easy when you think about it. Most people fail because they don’t have the proper steps or can’t keep up with their workouts long enough to get there. These steps would take the average person about 6 months to complete depending on how overweight they currently are. You can watch some free videos (no sign-up required) about obtaining this look at the site for Visual Impact Muscle Building. This is the workout program that fitness expert Rusty Moore created for guys to guide them through these steps.

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