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Top 6 Obnoxious People at the Gym

Working out with obnoxious people can get kind of annoying and get your blood boiling. This may actually make your workout more intense. I’ve seen some obnoxious things while working out.

Obnoxious Things at the Gym

  1. Leaving weights laying around. Every Sunday morning I would go into the gym and the dumbbells were still scattered all over the floor from the clowns that used them the night before. Put your weights away! I don’t need to fall and break my hip trying to maneuverer around them.
  2. Leave your water bottle on the bench while you use another one. Come on… everyone else wants to workout too.
    Sweat all over the machine and take off. You do realize that the squirt bottle and towel are there for a reason right? Clean up after yourself.
  3. They guy that never has a spotter. Ok I’ll spot you once or twice but if you are going to make me break my back doing it then you better hire someone full time.
  4. Hey can I work in with you? Why do people have to ask this. You are killing my workout, especially when I have to change all the weights for you.
  5. Gym staff that don’t know how to use the machines. I once watched this gym employee trying to figure out the squat machine to a new member and he couldn’t figure it out.
  6. People that go to the gym to socialize. I was working out with my friend once and he was talking to his buddy. So I decided to continue with the workout without him. Lets just say he didn’t do a back workout that day.


Check out Rusty Moore’s article for more obnoxious things people do at the gym. It’s pretty funny.

What is the Most Obnoxious Thing You’ve Seen While Working Out?

This article here is by Rusty Moore of “Fitness Black Book”.


Here is a video I found on you tube that demonstrates a couple of those obnoxious gym guys as well.

Annoying Gym Guys


What Obnoxious things have you see while working out? Leave your comments below.


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