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TRX Bands

TRX Bands are a great exercise tool to help you get a full body workout. These aren’t traditional elastic resistance bands or some type of pulley system. The TRX bands are made of durable nylon that is lightweight and capable of handling the biggest, strongest athletes.

TRX Training using the TRX Bands or TRX Suspension Trainer as most people know it by is being used worldwide in gyms, homes, outdoors, hotels and wherever you want to take them. People of all ages and fitness levels are using them.

TRX Bands Skepticism

Like many people I never thought that using my own bodyweight would be enough weight to build muscle. I use to workout at the gym before when I was trying to build muscle and I thought that weights were the only way. At home exercise just wasn’t good enough. Well at least the home gym that I had wasn’t good enough. It was also limited to pec deck, chest press, leg extensions, leg curls, pull downs and bicep curls. I think I could probably only do about 10 exercises on this huge $500+ home gym.

I’ve been using my TRX bands in my home for about a month now and I’m getting a great workout that I never thought was possible from home. With the TRX Suspension trainer you can do over 300 exercises. Some of these may be variations of other exercises so there is at least 100. If I find that my bodyweight isn’t enough resistance for a particular exercise then I can combine the straps into one and do the exercise single arm. There are also single leg exercises I can do with the TRX bands as well.

TRX Bands Exercises

I haven’t been through that many exercises with the TRX bands yet but here are some of the exercises you can do. There are about 40 exercises here. Don’t forget many of these exercises can be done with one arm, one leg or from a different position to increase the difficulty.

  • Legs – balance lunge, suspended lunge, crossing lunge, abducted lunge, one leg squat, regular squat, front squats, leg extension, leg curls,
  • Core – standing back extension, kneeling roll out, planks (front, side, back), suspended crunch, suspended crunch in pike position, oblique leg raise, suspended mountain climbers,
  • Upper Back – pullovers, lay back row, lat pull-downs, swimmers pull, lay back row,
  • Chest – dips, chest flys, suspended pushups, atomic pushups, suspended Spiderman pushups,
  • Shoulders – T-deltoid flys, front raise, low deltoid flys, Y-deltoid raise, internal and external rotation, handstand push-ups, layback shrugs,
  • Arms – Bicep curls, tricep presses, hammer curls, reverse curls,

Most of these exercises are using your core in addition to the other muscle group you are using. Compared to the amount of exercises I could do with the home gym I use to have there is no comparison.

In addition to doing strength training with the TRX Bands you can also do cardio workouts and stretching with them.

Get your own TRX Bands today and take your workout wherever you go.

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