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TRX Reviews

trx reviewsIf you are looking for TRX Reviews you have come to the right place. I recently purchased my own TRX Suspension Trainer and I was looking for TRX reviews as well. I have scoured the internet and compiled the best and worst of TRX training quotes from real people writing about their experience with TRX.

TRX Reviews

Where people use TRX Training

Here are some TRX Reviews quoting where people are using their TRX Training Systems.

  • “I use the door anchor in hotel rooms and at home but I really love taking it to the park for a work out.”
  • “We love using this TRX system in the garage at home.”
  • “For me if there is a track with workout stations or even a playground, I can use the monkey bars or a pull up bar to hook my TRX in order to do my exercises.”
  • “Due to compact size it can be used at home or at work.”
  • “If taken it to parks, used on trees, jungle gyms while my kids are playing and my local powerhouse gym as well.”

As you can see it is very versatile and can be used almost anywhere. The Military and Navy also use this TRX Training product while they are out on assignments.

Good TRX Reviews

Here are some of the good TRX Reviews that I have found around the internet.

Product Construction and Portability

  • It is well constructed. Heavy weight nylon webbing used throughout.
  • I was really impressed with the quick length adjustment system.
  • It is a great tough little item.
  • Excellent way to workout anywhere!
  • The quality is excellent.
  • The TRX is amazing! It is so compact that I can take it with me when I travel.
  • Great home workout tool & for the road!
  • I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a home gym alternative or a travel system.
  • New workout option at home and on the road, has provide a great alternative.
  • No reason to miss another workout.
  • Great ‘anywhere gym’!
  • the best product to keep on your fitness at home! very easy and comfortable.
  • If you are serious about getting into shape and want something you won’t out grow, this is for you.
  • Who needs to pay gym fees?
  • The TRX is a long awaited addition to my toolbox of light, easy to carry, efficient accessories.
  • Excellent easily adjustable workout.
  • Easily transported.
  • Good quality portable gym.
  • Great for Everyone.
  • DVD provides good instruction ( although it is a little fast).
  • System travels well, can bring anywhere.
  • Booklet allows you to follow routine without DVD player.
  • The system is cheap compared to other home gym equipment.

Workout Quality

  • Extremely useful for core bodyweight conditioning.
  • I think this is very good for basic core exercises.
  • I love that I can get a great all over body workout or just pick areas that need to be toned without having a lot of equipment.
  • I’m a physical therapist , I used this product all the time for my self and for patients.
  • It’s an excellent modality for strengthening and stretching combined in one instrument.
  • There are a wide range of intense workouts you can do with it.
  • The TRX system is so simple, but so effective.
  • Every exercise engages the core which is awesome.
  • I feel like this is a great work out. Hard to believe with nylon straps, but it is great.
  • Excellent Core Workout.
  • The TRX is a great tool for a hardcore core workout.
  • Great dynamic exercise.
  • If you want something tougher than elastic bands and believe in balance and using body weight then you should try to the TRX Suspension Trainer.
  • Pretty much any exercise you can do with body weight alone can be modified with the TRX Suspension Trainer.
  • Easy to use, helps me loosen up.
  • I have a damaged neck and upper back. My physical therapist introduced me to this thing, and I was so impressed I bought one for myself.
  • It has helped me improve my range of motion, and the increased muscle strength is helping lessen the constant upper back pain I have been experiencing.
  • All members report seeing more definition and feel stronger.
  • I get an amazing core and upper body strength workout every day right in my own house!
  • Great workout tool for cardio training, very well made.
  • Excellent training for the core, training without a gym, training and making it interesting and fun, group training as one unit…
  • This simple piece of equipment has taken my fitness to a new level.
  • I think the TRX is a good tool/modality for fitness training for personal use or if you’re a trainer.
  • I’m a trainer myself and use the TRX with my clients on a regular basis and they like the use of it.
  • It’s great for stimulating your stabilizer muscles, core muscles, and corrective exercises.
  • The variety of strength training exercises will keep you from getting bored.
  • Really intense full body workouts can be done with these simple straps for people of any fitness level.
  • You can do a wide range of exercises for beginners with low core strength or for experts who want high intensity work outs.
  • You can alter the exercises to fit your own ability level, and I was even able to still use it when I was recovering from my knee/leg/calf (IT Band) injury.
  • It does all the exercises I need without the bulk of equipment that I don’t.
  • Any exercise is only as effective as the effort you put into it. It doesn’t do the work for me, but by being compact, relatively inexpensive, and universal, it meets all my home gym needs.
  • So many variations it’s unreal.
  • I actually prefer to do this routine than weights.
  • Works my core more than other weight systems.
  • Great workout in 30 minutes (once you have the routine down). But it is really 30 minutes.
  • At last a piece of exercise equipment I actually use.
  • Best thing about the suspension trainer is they are safe and can be used anywhere, don’t underestimate them, the exercises are tough and intense.
  • I purchased the TRX system and tryied it myself – I loved it so much that I have been training with it both personally and with clients ever since.
  • It’s seriously one of the only all-in-one systems that is entirely portable and works your whole body.
  • I got turned on to these by a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym.
  • I have met a few soldiers who used the TRX inIraqandAfghanistanand they loved it. Oh, and they were crazy strong and lean.

Bad TRX Reviews

Here are some of the bad TRX Reviews I have found around the internet.


  • My only hesitation was the price.
  • With TRX, the only downside was the $200 price tag which, IMO, is too much to pay for some nylon straps regardless of how great the workouts are.


  • It is clear to me this is not a piece of equipment geared toward out of shape people or people with poor balance.
  • For someone new to exercising, this is probably very challenging.
  • Just another kind of workout.
  • I would imagine that some of the exercises would be hard on those with lower back issues. So if that applies to you I’d suggest working with a personal trainer first with TRX before proceeding.
  • This product gave me absolutely no results.
  • Another brilliant fitness scam. Sure, you can strap your feet in and do all sorts of crazy exercises to work every single muscle in your body, but what’s the point?
  • Adjusting the straps isn’t real easy between exercises. I’m still trying to figure that out.
  • I was very disappointed in the product. I used it for two weeks and it just seems like a knock off of the perfect pull up, with only longer straps.
  • The system is a little clumsy to use at first. It’ll take some getting used to. It’s not as easy as it looks in the videos.
  • The exercises require a certain amount of core strength before you can do many reps. If you’re like me, you may need to do some basic mat exercises while you’re building your core strength.

Other Issues

  • Others say it’s dangerous. Everything used improperly is dangerous.
  • Great band, only issue is finding a place to anchor it can be a challenge.
  • Only issue; it was about a week late.


  • There are a lot of fake out there for low price they or fakes.
  • Make sure you’re buying a legitimate product!!! Lots of knock-off junk trying to pass as a TRX. Don’t get ripped off!
  • Buyer beware! Make sure if you’re buying one of these systems you are buying a legitimate system.

Summary of TRX Reviews

Well there are some of the comments that I found about TRX Suspension Trainer. These are the views of individuals and just because one person says something it is only their opinion. If you see something more then once from different people then it may be an issue.

After going through these reviews I have outlined some of the positives and negatives of the TRX Suspension Trainer.


  • The system is constructed well, durable and tough.
  • A very compact system that is lightweight which is great for traveling.
  • It is portable and can be used at home, the gym, the park, on vacation or anywhere you have somewhere to latch it to.
  • It’s relatively cheap compared to some more expensive home gym equipment.
  • It’s cheaper then a year at the gym.
  • There is a wide range of exercises you can perform using it.
  • It’s used by personal trainers and physical therapists.
  • The workout focuses on your overall core and full body movements.
  • It’s a small piece of equipment that doesn’t get in the way when you aren’t using it.


  • The price is said to be high for the cost that it would be to make it.
  • There may be a learning curve for beginners or people with lack of stability and core strength.
  • There are fakes floating around that are cheaper then the price on the TRX website. These fakes could put your well being in jeopardy and won’t include a 1 year warranty.

Well there’s my summary. The positives seem pretty good for such a small piece of equipment. The part I like best is the variety of workout, core exercises and the fact that it doesn’t take up space in my house.

trx reviewsAs for the negatives, some of the people’s TRX reviews don’t even seem like have tried it. Beginners may find it challenging to use at first but anything you are new to is going to have some getting use to at first. The price may be some what steep but compared to a gym membership or other home fitness machines it’s reasonable. The fakes people have me talking about have me concerned. Many people won’t even know until they get the product. I strongly encourage buying it directly from the TRX site because I even read about someone got it at a fitness store and it was fake. Can’t go wrong with the main site.

The real site here ==> TRX Suspension Training

I hope you enjoyed these TRX Reviews.

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