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TRX Training – Portable Home Gym

TRX Training, what’s that? I know I was thinking the same thing. It’s suspension training which is fitness training that uses nylon straps with handles (which are know as a suspension trainer) to leverage your bodyweight for a resistance training workout. TRX Training is being used by many athletes, military personnel and fitness pros around the world. TRX Training is a complete total-body training tool that has cutting-edge training programs to increase fitness performance and bring it to the next level.

Why TRX Training?

People around the world are using TRX Training because it’s one of the only pieces of fitness equipment that you can use to get a total body workout.

TRX Training Workouts

TRX Training workouts are very flexible. They can be designed for total body strength, flexibility, performance, agility and cardio as well. There are over 300 exercises that you can be performed on the TRX. You can adjust your body position for any exercise to make it more or less challenging for you.

In many instances you can transition between exercises as you are working out. This is great if you are using tabatas. I use my TRX workouts to combine cardio, strength training, flexibility and metabolic training to get my heart rate up so I can burn the maximum amount of calories in a short 20 minute workout.


TRX Trainer Quality

The TRX Trainer is made of high quality and durable materials. For the demanding users that are using it such as UFC fighters, Military and Professional Athletes, do you really think they would skimp out on the quality? These people are using it every day so if it wasn’t quality they would be losing their shirt with returns on the one year warranty.

Who uses TRX Training?

TRX Training is being used by hundreds of thousands of men and women all around the world. It’s doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. Since it uses your bodyweight you can adjust how difficult you want your exercise to be depending on where you are positioning yourself in regards to the equipment. People are using the TRX for better sports performance as well as just to look great.

Celebrities use TRX Training

Since some people think that celebrities have to be using something for it to be good, I looked around to see if I could find out who is using TRX Training. Some of the celebrities that use TRX Training are Ellen Pompeo, Jaime Presley, Mary J Blige, Natalie Coughlin and Jennifer Lopez. TRX was also seen on “Live with Kelly Ripa” show and used on “The Biggest Loser”.

For those that watched Live with Kelly Ripa and Rob Lowe there was a code for anyone of their viewers that wanted to purchase the TRX Suspension Trainer to enter code LIVEWITHKELLY when they order. Go here ==>  Official TRX Training Site

UFC Fighters use TRX Training

In addition to celebrities there are also many UFC fighters using TRX Training. These include Frankie Edgar, Brian Stann, Roger “El Matador” Huerta, Bas Rutten and Brandon Vera. They find that it’s a great way to build core strength, improves balance, flexibility and agility, increases endurance and adds power to their moves. If these guys are using it then the equipment must be tough.

Fitness Professionals and Athletes use TRX Training

Here are a couple reviews from a fitness instructor and a football player.

Ami McMullen – Fitness Instructor,San Diego,CA

“You don’t have to spend a ton of money on machinery, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym on waiting for pieces of equipment, pretty much blew me away, using it with my clients, started training with it with them, using it in classes that I taught, using if for myself, training my friends.”

Drew Brees – Pro Bowl Quarterback for theNew OrleansSaints

“There are so many exercises you can do it is a full body workout. Whether you are concentrating on core, shoulder strength and stability of the front side and back side of the shoulder, hip flexibility, leg strength, speed, agility, balance. All those things we work into every workout when using TRX, and for me in the quarterback position, I need all those things to be the best that I can be.”

Trx Training is also being used by many professional sports teams in the NBA, MBL, NFL and NHL.

Where is TRX Training being used?

One of the unique things about TRX Training is that you can exercise anywhere. I’d love to tell you where TRX Training is being used the most but I really don’t know. There are just so many places it can be and is being used. The founder Randy Hetrick originally created this product while he was in the Navy. Randy and his teammates had limited amount of space and no equipment for training. The main focus was to be able to have a quick workout tool that they could use anywhere they were in the world.

TRX Training is being done inside and outside in areas such as homes, garages, parks, backyards gyms, hotels, boats (I saw it on a YouTube video) and anywhere else you can think of attaching it to. It is also being used in personal training facilities, bootcamps, physiotherapy offices and professional sports teams training facilities.

TRX Trainer Setup

I found the TRX Suspension Trainer very easy to setup in my house. The only part that took some time to setup is the fact that the beam in my house had pieces of wood up against it that I had to remove. If my wife let me use the door anchor I would have been working out in 5 minutes or less. Well at least after I read the instructions and watched the video.

All you have to have is an overhead anchor point that will support your body weight. They even sell anchors that you can bolt to your ceiling if you don’t have anywhere else to use it. If you are taking it on vacation or to the park it’s probably only a 15 second setup.

The downside of TRX Training

Well there has to be something bad about everything. So I thought of a couple here for you.

I no longer have an excuse to miss a workout, or to not get a good workout. Even when away on vacation the TRX Trainer can be taken with me.

Using the door anchor looks like the door may get in the way of some of the exercises that can be done with the TRX Trainer. I would suggest that if you want to be able to do all the exercises it would be best to use a beam in your basement, buy the anchoring device to attach it to the ceiling, go to the park and use the playground equipment, use a solid tree or find something else that is able to support your bodyweight that you can use.

The price of the TRX may set some people off. I just think of the price of any other home gym equipment that costs more and doesn’t have anywhere close to the amount of exercise variety. If that doesn’t work for you then just think of the fact that it doesn’t take up any space in your house so you can still move freely in your living room. That’s the cost of freedom and being able to take your home gym wherever you go.

TRX Training Video

If you still aren’t getting it and want to find out more, check out this TRX Training Video that will explain it in more detail and show you some of the exercises you can do.

I hope you liked my TRX Training review. Don’t be fooled into buying one of the cheap fakes out there. Go straight to the TRX Training site ==> Official TRX Site

Don’t get left behind. Make your body your machine TODAY! Start your TRX Training.