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TRX Workout Videos to meet your Goals

I was trying to find TRX Videos of workouts that I could use for the TRX Suspension Trainer. There are many TRX Videos available for the TRX Suspension Trainer but it’s a hassle going into each video page just to see and compare them. I have combined all the TRX Videos in one article here to make it easier to see what each has as well as what is included in the bundles.

Fitness Anywhere has created many of these TRX Videos based on the outcome that you want to get out of your TRX Training. These TRX Videos include TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Conditioning, TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Power, TRX Boot camp Ropes and Straps 1&2, TRX Essentials (Cardio Circuit, Flexibility and Strength), TRX Core Strength, TRX Biomechanics Healthy Back, Titleist TRX Golf Workout, TRX Performance (Train like the pros, Tennis and Team Sports), TRX Education Trainer Basics and TRX All Body Xpress.

In addition to the TRX Videos they provide the option to purchase these as bundles which is great because you should be changing up your workout every 4-6 weeks. The video bundles Ultimate, Professional, Get Lean, Tennis, Golf, Essentials, Winter Sports and Adventurers.

Here is a look at some of the bundles of TRX Videos they have.

Bundles of TRX Videos

TRX Ultimate Bundle

The TRX Ultimate Bundle gives you the most programming options as it includes 10+ hours of real time training content. With all these options your workouts will be kept exhilarating and fresh for a while. Customize your own programming to achieve your individual goals.

  • The Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook features 100 delectable recipes for a high performance body.
  • TRX All Body Xpress
  • TRX Performance: Train Like the Pros
  • TRX Biomechanics: Healthy Back
  • TRX Essentials: Strength
  • TRX Essentials: Flexibility
  • TRX Boot Camp: Ropes + Straps
  • TRX Core Strength
  • TRX Performance: MMA Workout (Download).
Get the TRX Ultimate Bundle TRX Videos

TRX Professional’s Bundle

The TRX Professional’s Bundle is a great package for keeping your client engaged and motivated to workout. The package includes 8+ hours of content so you have everything you need to customize your client’s workouts. These workouts are great for improving core stability, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.

  • TRX Essentials: Strength
  • TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Conditioning
  • TRX Performance: Train Like the Pros
  • TRX Performance: Team Sports
  • TRX Education: Trainer Basics.
Get the TRX Professional’s Bundle TRX Videos

TRX Get Lean Bundle

The Get Lean Bundle is on of the smaller bundles that is targeted toward blasting fat, burning calories while doing strength and cardio workouts.

  • The Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook features 100 delectable recipes that will help you keep the weight off and be healthy.
  • TRX Essentials: Cardio Circuit
  • TRX Performance: Train Like the Pros
  • TRX All Body Xpress
Get the TRX Get Lean Bundle TRX Videos

TRX Essentials Bundle

If you can’t decide which bundle is for you then the obvious choice is the TRX Essentials Bundle. It’s used by pro athletes, elite trainers and military outfits all over the world. These 6 hrs of focused training include cardio blasting, strength building and flexibility boosting system.

  • TRX Essentials: Flexibility
  • TRX Essentials: Strength
  • TRX Essentials: Cardio Circuit.
Get the TRX Essentials Bundle TRX Videos

TRX Tennis Bundle

Having trouble with the competition. No Problem. The TRX Tennis Bundle will help you to build tennis specific power, control, agility and elevate on-court performance. It’s also great for core, back strength and flexibility. Perfect for players of all levels.


  • TRX Essentials: Flexibility
  • TRX Biomechanics: Healthy Back
  • TRX Core Strength
  • TRX Performance: Tennis.
Get the TRX Tennis Bundle TRX Videos

TRX Golf Bundle

Need to improve your golf swing? The TRX Golf Bundle includes 3 golf improving workouts for feeling strong and loose on the golf course.


  • TRX Essentials: Flexibility
  • TRX Core Strength
  • TRX Titleist Golf Workout DVD.
Get the TRX Golf Bundle TRX Videos

TRX Winter Sports Bundle

Are you ready to get out in the cold. Not until you’ve been training with the TRX Winter Sports Bundle. Increase your aerobic capacity, core strength, balance and mobility so you are ready to hit the slopes.


  • TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Conditioning
  • TRX Core Strength
  • TRX Winter Sport Conditioning (Download).
Get the TRX Winter Sports Bundle TRX Videos

TRX Adventurer’s Bundle

If you are into adventures then TRX has the Adventurer’s bundle. Take your workouts outside with over 40 minutes of downloadable video content you can stream over your mobile device. Also includes a PDF workout.

  • TRX Winter Sport Conditioning (Download)
  • Surf Stronger TRX Workout
  • TRXSummitWorkout Guide.
Get the TRX Adventurer’s Bundle TRX Videos

Individual TRX Videos

TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Conditioning

If you thought TRX conditioning was great then you haven’t seen nothing yet. This workout combines TRX Suspension Training with Kettlebells. They have fused these two revolutionary training methods into a metabolic conditioning program that’s transforming human performance.

Former Soviet Special Forces trainer and RKC Chief Instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline, and TRX Master Trainer, Chris Frankel, lead you through 10 rounds with the TRX and kettlebell in a challenging workout that is designed to strengthen muscular endurance and aerobic conditioning.

Iron Circuit Conditioning tests your mobility and balance with three different progressions that can be adapted and modified for comrades and competitors alike, no matter your fitness level!

Get TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Conditioning workout video

Also available in the Professional and Winter Sports Bundles.

TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Power

Once again Former Soviet Special Forces trainer and RKC Chief Instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline, and TRX Master Trainer, Chris Frankel have teamed up to bring you another TRX/Kettlebell DVD. This TRX/Kettlebell Iron Circuit Power is a killer 50-minute, high-intensity workout that will have you welcoming the built-in rest breaks.

This DVD will run you through a whole new range of TRX/Kettlebell movements that expand on the skills you developed in the first DVD. While the Iron Circuit Conditioning focused on muscle sculpting and fat blasting, Iron Circuit Power is designed to build your strength and muscle mass.

Video includes:

  • exercise progressions and modifications
  • comprehensive TRX set-up and use instructions
  • 18-minute intro to kettlebell training
  • over 15 minutes of warm up and cool down
  • a durable guide complete with instructions for each exercise
Get TRX Kettlebell Iron Circuit Power workout video

TRX Boot Camp: Ropes + Straps

This TRX Boot Camp is a double shot of total-body strength and heart-pumping cardio training. It’s going to fire up your metabolism, burn calories, and get you stronger and leaner…faster.

This workout was created by Randy Hetrick (US Navy Seal and TRX inventor) and Buddy Lee (Olympian – Jump Rope Master). They will take you through 50-minutes of intense strength circuits fused with jump rope intervals, using only two pieces of equipment: TRX Suspension Trainer and jump rope.

Bonus: Buddy Lee-Jump Rope 101-Clinic- learn to jump like a pro.

Get the TRX Boot Camp Ropes and Straps workout video

TRX Boot Camp: Ropes + Straps Round 2

Another TRX Boot Camp. The first one was so popular they thought they would give you some more. The dynamic duo of Randy Hetrick (US Navy Seal and TRX inventor) and Buddy Lee (Olympian – Jump Rope Master) are using staggered, progressively more challenging block progressions to serve up another killer round of Strength and Cardio-boot camp style.

It’s a double feature of intense TRX strength training and rope-jumping cardio intervals developed to push your metabolism into overdrive.

Get the TRX Boot Camp Ropes and Straps workout video

TRX Essentials: Cardio Circuit

Want get in shape fast. This TRX Cardio Circuit is a super-charged combo of strength and cardio training. This workout is led by former Olympian Buddy Lee, who revolutionized jump rope training for athletes. This unique interval training program joins TRX Suspension Training with the anaerobic, fat-burning benefits of a rope jumping. Using the TRX, portable jump rope and limited equipment you can boost metabolism, improve heart and lungs, and tone up fast-anytime, anywhere with this workout.

Bonus: a 15-minute Jump Rope Clinic that demos jumping tips and techniques.

Get TRX Essentials Cardio Circuit workout video

Also available in the Get Lean and Essentials Bundles.

TRX Essentials: Flexibility

TRX Essentials Flexibility workout will help you improve your posture, increase range of motion and build greater stability from head to toe. If you are like me sitting behind a desk all day, then busy with family life and extreme workouts to boot. This all contributes to muscle tension and damage which results in poor flexibility.

The Director of Fitness Anywhere Education Fraser Quelch, instructs you through a series of active stretches that counteract the effects of your day-to-day life. This program is for people of all fitness levels as it will help you open muscles and connective tissue in your neck, shoulders, back core, legs and arms. You’ll be feeling better day in and day out.

Get TRX Essentials Flexibility workout video

Also available in the Ultimate, Tennis, Golf and Essentials Bundles.

TRX Essentials: Strength

The TRX Essentials Strength program will help you build total body strength and muscular endurance which are the essential components of any good workout plan and the foundation for building a safe fitness routine. As you start with the basic versions of the exercises you can adapt this fitness routine to make it more challenging as you reach advanced levels. The clear instructions in these real-time workouts will help you reach your goals.

Video includes:

  • a real-time workout
  • photos of each exercise
  • a cool-down routine
  • a full exercise library
  • expert tips throughout
Get TRX Essentials Strength workout video

Also available in the Ultimate, Professional’s and Essentials Bundles.

TRX Core Strength Vol. 1

Fitness Anywhere’s Director of Education, Fraser Quelch leads you through a groundbreaking new program that targets strength-builders and stress-reducers for the often neglected deep abdominals and lower back.

Get total functional training of your core musculature. Build the core strength you need for peak athletic performance or every-day health. You’ll see visible results, notice improved posture, feel stronger and better, and be able to take your fitness or athletic performance safely to the next level.

Get TRX Core Strength Vol1 workout video

Also available in the Ultimate, Tennis, Golf and Winter Sports Bundles.

TRX Biomechanics: Healthy Back

The TRX Healthy Back DVD focuses on correcting muscular imbalances in the root of most back problems and injuries-and retraining the spine and spinal erectors to increase range of movement.

Justin Price (Corrective exercise specialist and IDEA trainer of the year) will take you through his proven techniques to improve alignment and posture, build strength in the back and core muscles, and take stress off the lower back. You can also adapt these sequences and exercises to your fitness level.

Get TRX Biomechanics for a Healthy Back Video

Also available in the Ultimate and Tennis Bundles

Titleist TRX Golf Workout DVD

Want to out golf your buddies? They won’t even see it coming. The Titleist Gold Workout Program DVD will have you driving for power. You’ll gain crucial shoulder mobility, build lower-body stability, and tap into your full upper-body power.

Develop the stance and swing you need to achieve measurable results in your game, and put some distance on your drives. This Titleist kit fits neatly into the side of a carry-on making it great for when you are on the road.

Get the TRX Golf Workout Video

Also available in the Golf Bundle

TRX Performance: Train like the Pros

If you want to be like the pros why not start by training like them. This pro pro-level workout will help you build core strength and endurance, cultivate agility and flexibility, and generally take your fitness from average to elite.

Todd Durkin, professional fitness coach and consultant to the NFL and the NCAA, will take you through the training regimen that professional athletes use to perform their best, game in and game out. You’ll be ready to perform at your peak in your next game.

Get TRX Performance: Train like the Pros workout video

Also available in the Ultimate, Professional’s and Get Lean Bundles

TRX Performance: Tennis

The TRX Tennis Videos focus on the three fundamentals of a top tennis game: Power, Agility and Control. No matter what level you are at, you’ll benefit from sequences that mimic actual tennis swings and footwork.

This comprehensive, real-time workout will give you unbeatable coordination and control over your game, from baseline to net. You’ll also increase shoulder mobility and strength while building endurance.

Video includes:

  • a real-time workout incorporating the best Suspension Training exercises for tennis
  • plus images of all exercises
  • a cool-down routine
  • and expert tips and techniques
Get TRX Performance for Tennis workout video

Also available in the Tennis Bundle

TRX Performance: Team Sports

Do you play Team Sports? This TRX video will get you moving with elite strength and speed-training coach Todd Durkin. He’s been helping NFL and College players take their athletic performance to the next level.

Learn how to give it your all and surpass your previous best levels of performance and endurance as Todd takes you through cutting-edge routine for super-intense speed and agility drills with the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Get TRX Performance for Team Sports workout video

Also available in the Professional’s Bundle

TRX Education: Trainer Basics DVD

If you want to master the many uses of the TRX Suspension Trainer then this Trainer Basics DVD is for you. Fraser Quelch (Fitness Anywhere’s Director of Education) will guide you through this 60 minute video course and teach you how to adapt the TRX to any fitness level no matter if you are training seniors or professional athletes. You’ll find out why Men’s Health named the TRX its Best Total-Body Workout tool.

Video includes:

  • complete setup and use guidelines
  • a range of exercise progressions for the entire body
  • a basic introduction to flexibility
Get the TRX Trainer Basics Education workout video

Also available in the Professional’s Bundle

TRX All Body Xpress

Does your busy schedule not give you enough time to workout? No more excuses! This TRX All Body Xpress is only 25 minutes. You’ll target major muscle groups with cardio and spot training exercises.

If the workout is too short for you then double it up for a maximum strength building and endurance workout.

Video includes:

  • bonus warm-up routine
  • expert tips and techniques
  • complete waterproof fold-out usage and set-up guide
Get TRX All Body Xpress Workout Video

Also Available in the Ultimate and Get Lean Bundles

Well they have lots of great TRX Videos available to get the best workout for you. Looks like most people will find something for them in these workouts. I’m going to start with the Essential bundle and see how that goes first. Pick up one of these great videos today. Hope you enjoying your TRX Suspension Trainer workout with these TRX Videos.


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