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Visual Impact Cardio – Cardio Machine Workout

Visual Impact Cardio is a new program that just came out last month. The program was created by Rusty Moore. For those of you have been reading my blog, you probably know that I don’t really like using cardio machines or doing cardio in general. The truth is that I find cardio machines boring and I have always felt that it takes too much time to get great results from a cardio machine. You can get great results from them as many people that use the right workout do.

I found this Visual Impact Cardio program because I was already using Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program and read his Visual Impact for Women program as well. His books are about revealing the truth about getting the Hollywood body that you have always wanted.

Visual Impact Cardio Review

The Visual Impact Cardio program focuses on using cardio machines like the treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike and other cardio machines that you may find in a gym. I figured that since there are many people that workout at home with a treadmill or elliptical machine that many people would benefit from this information.

I’ve seen many people try to use cardio machines at the gym, when I use to use the services of the gym. I would see these people week after week and they never seemed to lose any fat. Spending so much time and not getting any results has to be frustrating. Like any piece of workout equipment, if you aren’t using it right then you will not get results at the pace that some using them correctly is.

What is Visual Impact Cardio about?

Visual Impact Cardio is a fat loss program that maximizes calories burned per minute while avoiding overtraining. That pretty much sums up the benefits of the Visual Impact Cardio program.

Some of the other things that are outlined in the book are:

  • Why Dieting alone won’t eliminate stubborn body fat.
  • The truth about brief interval training.
  • How to calculate the calories used for an Interval training session vs. Steady State Cardio.
  • How to fine tune your training with cardio machines.
  • Weekly calorie deficit strategy that makes dieting easier.


Who created Visual Impact Cardio?

Rusty Moore is the creator of Visual Impact Cardio. This is the third book of the Visual Impact series. He also has a Muscle Building book for men and a workout book for women as well. Rusty is a full time fitness author and has been a devoted gym member for over 25 years. He has tested out many methods and done years of research to come up with his methods. His books focus on getting people the Hollywood celebrity look rather then workouts that get people bulky and overly big.

This cardio book is ahead of where the fitness industry is at now. The advantage of being ahead of everyone is that you will be the leader and no one will be able to figure out how you are getting such great results. The downside is that everyone else will be talking about dated methods so you just have to ignore this chit chat and stick with these advanced methods.

Who is Visual Impact Cardio for?

The Visual Impact Cardio program is for any one that has been busting their butt working out year after year and can’t get rid of that last 10 to 20 lbs. In addition to people that are trying to lose the last bit of body fat it is also a great program for people that are just starting out and want to use cardio machines for fat loss.

What Equipment do you need for Visual Impact Cardio?

Like I said before. This Visual Impact Cardio program is for people that have access to a cardio machine or preferably multiple cardio machines. Many people that workout at home like myself don’t have a home treadmill, elliptical machine or other cardio machine. This obviously isn’t for you then.


I have managed to get around this problem though. Rather then If you have some weight to lose and want to use this program then Rusty suggests getting a temporary gym membership for about 3 months. Do this 3 months before your special event or vacation you want to get in shape for. Use the program to reach your goal and then just do a maintenance program at home once you have reached your goal weight. You can do this every year and save on the huge cost of a yearly gym membership. Where I live I notice that some gyms have a 3 month special. If you have lots of fat to lose it may take you longer then 3 months.

What does the Visual Impact Cardio Pdf Include?

The Visual Impact Cardio Pdf is a 99 page manual that teaches you all about burning body fat with cardio machines. It also has the extremely effective cardio workouts that are 8 weeks each. There are 3 cycles with 1 routine in each cycle showing you exactly what to do and when.

Rusty has also included a printable pdf so you can print out the workout section only.

This Visual Impact Cardio e-book goes deeper into fat loss then you probably need to go but by knowing more information it can only help you and make it easier for you to understand how to burn fat.

Don’t waste any more time hoping that your random cardio machine workouts will pay off one day when you can make this small investment (cheaper then a personal trainer session) in your health to day with the teachings of Rusty Moore and Visual Impact Cardio. Click here for Visual Impact Cardio

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