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Visual Impact for Women – Slim Feminine Look

Visual Impact for Women is a program that was specifically designed for women. Unlike most women’s workout courses this one was designed by a man. Rusty Moore created the Visual Impact for Women course after he had such positive reviews for his Visual Impact Muscle Building program. I have read through all of his Visual Impact courses and I feel that this one provides the most information.

I’ve seen many women working out at the gym over the years. I even know a couple that have trained with personal trainers in hopes that they will lose fat faster. What I don’t understand is why personal trainers have women doing squats and step ups when they are trying to make their butt and thighs smaller. This is actually making them gain muscle in these areas which is counterproductive. They just don’t seem to get it. I believe that Visual Impact for Women is so great because Rusty Moore actually has a strategy in his book for making muscles smaller and rounding out your figure to get the slim feminine physique. Here is my Visual Impact for Women review.

Visual Impact for Women Review

Like myself, Rusty Moore also noticed that many women were being trained like guys. Some of the women know this and question it but the personal trainers just fluff it off saying that they won’t build muscle because they are women. This isn’t really true. The other women don’t realize it until it’s too late and then they give up on their workouts because their jeans fit tighter then they did in the first place.

Features of Visual Impact for Women

The Visual Impact for Women Pdf is broken down into 20 chapters in this 89 page e-book. It’s full of information. Here is a summary of a couple of the sections in the book that I found would be the most beneficial reasons for using this program.

What Kind of Training should Women Do?

Rusty has a couple chapters that outline the different types of training like cardio, high-rep training, low-rep training, training to failure, free weights, machines, bodyweight training and yoga. He talks about the benefits and disadvantages of all of these subjects.

They type of training that you do and the amount of sets and reps are very important. If you are doing the wrong type of training you will be getting results that you don’t want. Many women workout at the gym with the wrong training and end up with huge thighs and butt with a small upper body. This isn’t the figure you want. Some of these training elements are actually making women bigger rather then giving them a slim feminine physique.

Dieting Strategies for Women

In the dieting sections of the book Rusty goes over his weekly dieting strategy, how many calories you should eat per day, ratios of protein, carbs and fat, number of meals, meal timing, and dieting for an event. Rusty’s dieting plan is pretty simple and I think that many women will like this. It isn’t focused on changing all your food choices and emptying out your kitchen of bad foods. His diet strategy is based on making sure you are eating the proper amount of calories at the right time and you still get to have some of your favourite foods.

Most people like the section on dieting for an event. Many women love this section because there is always something to get in shape for. This is an extreme diet to lose some pounds in a few weeks. It’s perfect for getting ready for a vacation, wedding or even that you need to fit into your sexy dress for.

Workout Routines in Visual Impact for Women

The workouts routines in Visual Impact for women are quite flexible. You can choose the type of resistance training that you like the best. The book includes a section on customizing your routine, 2 and 3 day split routines for the gym and at home, and how to set up your home gym.

Being able to customize your routines for your life is a great feature. Some women only have time for 3 workouts per week while others have 4. Flexible workout programs are becoming more of a demand these days.

How to Lose Muscle on Purpose?

This section is an important one for any of the women that have previously played a sports that have forced them to gain muscle that is no longer useful for them. It’s also helpful for those women that were following bad training advice and gained muscle by accident. Rusty has actually used this strategy himself so he knows it works. He’ll show you how to slim down those thighs and calfs.

Fat Torching Cardio

I thought the book was already underpriced without this fat torching cardio workout. This is a separate pdf file that teaches you how to burn fat on demand. This book goes through a 12 week cardio plan for fat torching.

This isn’t one of those circuits or interval training sessions with weights. Some of those cardio workouts will actually cause you to gain muscle in areas that you are tying to slim down. Rusty goes through his cardio machine routines that you can use to burn off fat.

Check out this Video to learn more about this program.

There you have it. Everything you need to know about Visual Impact for Women. Quit wasting your time with a routine that isn’t working for you and get this Visual Impact for Women routine now.

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