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Visual Impact Muscle Building for the Hollywood Look

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a muscle building course that was written by Rusty Moore. I recently found this muscle building course on his website. It is what I have been looking for all these years. I would have liked to have found this 15 years ago, but it wasn’t around then.

When I was younger I use to go to the gym regularly trying to build muscle. Back then, the internet wasn’t invented yet. Man I feel old… I remember having the book of bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I ended up gaining some good size after several years. I don’t really know how I did it but I’m guessing that somehow one of the random workouts that I did was working. It was almost like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

I never really wanted the bodybuilder look, I just wanted to be lean and muscular. The kind of look that Brad Pitt, Taylor Lautner or the look of one of the James Bonds. Getting a six pack has been my all time workout goal. Last year I got to a faint six pack but it was only visible in the right light or at the right time. I found Rusty’s Visual Impact Muscle Building and realized quickly that this was something I needed to try. The main focus is getting the shrink wrap effect around your abs which is ultimately what I want. I’ve been using it for a couple months now. Here is my review of the Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building was created by Rusty Moore. Rusty Moore has been around the gym for about 25 years working out and following the trends.

He is a full time fitness author that focuses on the Hollywood look. A few years ago you could tell that he spend most of his time in the gym. He always wanted to build muscle but got so caught up in it that by his size you could tell that he worked out a lot. He was getting pretty close to being one of those bodybuilders with the baggy pants. He couldn’t even find a nice pair of dress pants that would fit over his legs.

One day he realized that the look that he actually wanted was the look that Brad Pitt had in fight club. Ripped and lean. I would have to say that I think that this is the look that most women find attractive, not the bodybuilder look. He began his journey and after several years he finally lost the muscle and leaned up to get the exact look that Brad Pitt had. He had so many inquiries about how he did this that he decided to create a fitness blog and then he followed with Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Is Visual Impact Muscle Building a Gym or at Home Workout?

The great thing about Visual Impact Muscle Building is that you can do this routine at home or the gym. Rusty believes that you can get results no matter what kind of workout equipment you are using. He has created this program to be flexible so you can use your favourite equipment or what is available to you.

If you are working out at the gym then you will have many more exercises that you can do for the routines. I have been using the Visual Impact Muscle Building program at home using dumbbells, a barbell, adjustable workout bench, pull-up bar and TRX. I recommend that you have an adjustable workout bench, dumbbells, barbell and pull-up bar available. Adjustable dumbbells are even better because it gets to be a pain in the butt having to change the weights all the time.

How does the Visual Impact Muscle Building Program Work?

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program is broken down into 3 stages that are 8 weeks each. Each stage has a different purpose.

Stage 1 – Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. During this stage you increase muscle size.

Stage 2 – Myofibrillar Hypertrophy. This stage focuses on making your muscles stronger and slightly harder.

Stage 3 – The focus of the 3rd stage is to increase the density of your muscles while also working on strategic fat burning cardio.

Bonus Stage – There has also been a bonus stage added that shows you how Taylor Lautner got ripped for the movie New Moon.

You don’t have to do each of the stages for 8 weeks. You can do less if you want to or you can skip any of the stages that you don’t need. The program is totally flexible to what your goals are and what your body needs.

What does the Visual Impact Muscle Building Program Include?

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program includes 3 files which are the 75 page Visual Impact Muscle Building Pdf, Printable workout sheets and the Exercise descriptions pdf.

Here are some of the topics that the main Visual Impact Muscle Building Pdf goes through.

  • The Big Three exercises that everyone does for muscle building. Do these actually work or are you wasting your time.
  • 2 Types of Muscle Growth that you should doing for Maximum Size.
  • How to Build upon your previous set to unleash the muscle building magic.
  • How many sets and reps for Increasing Muscle Size
  • Hybrid Muscle Building
  • How much Muscle you can actually gain.
  • What to eat for Muscle Gains.
  • The 1 and Only Proven Muscle Building Supplement. This will save you at least the cost of this book. There is also a free bonus download in this section.
  • Setting up your Workout Routine.
  • Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and the Bonus Phase in detail.
  • How to adjust the workouts to meet your requirements.

The exercise pdf file includes descriptions and pictures on all the exercises you will do for this program. This is extremely helpful if you aren’t familiar with that many exercises or just started working out. There are many options for each exercise so you can switch it up if you want to.

Who is Visual Impact Muscle Building for?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, It’s for Guys that want to Build Muscle. This program is great for all levels of fitness. If you are beginner then you are lucky cause you won’t have to struggle through many different programs before getting to this one. I’m jealous. If you consider yourself advanced then this is still for you. Rusty’s training is different then any other program I have seen so you’ll should be learning something new as I have.

If you are a guy and don’t want to build muscle then check out the Visual Impact Cardio program.

If you are a Woman then there is the Visual Impact for Women. All of these Visual Impact programs are top notch.

How Much is Visual Impact Muscle Building?

The program is reasonably priced at $47. That’s cheaper then the price of 1 hour of personal training. You would never get close to this much information in 1 hour from a personal trainer. You’ll probably also save at least the cost of this book when you find out that there is only 1 supplement that Rusty recommends (You don’t even need this one though, It’s optional).

What are you waiting for? Click here to get it.

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