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Who is the Fittest Man of All Time?

Fittest Man of All Time

I just came across an article in men’s health about the fittest man of all time. It should probably be called the fittest man that is a celebrity or the fittest man that people know. The world is a large place so there is potentially a fitter man out there somewhere. Is it you?

Fittest Man of All Time

Any kind of ranking like this is something that is hard to judge, just like a transformation contest. It’s all about how people perceive them. Everyone is going to be bias in some way or another.

Here is the breakdown of the occupations of the guys on the list.

The most popular occupation on the list is NFL football players (13), actors (13), runners/sprinters (9), martial artists (9), MLB baseball players (6) and 5 decathlon athletes.

Others include NBA basketball players (4), bodybuilders (4), cyclists (4), track and field athletes (4), health and fitness guys (4), strongmen (3), climbers (3), boxers (2), ironmen (2), soccer players (2), surfers (2), swimmers (2), UFC fighters (2), weightlifters (2) and wrestlers (2).

The least popular are NHL hockey player, model, celebrity magician, golfer, gymnast, diver, rapper, rugby player, skier, water polo player, volleyball player and endurance champion.

If you haven’t seen the article yet then here are the guys that were in the top 100 of the fittest men of all time.

Top 50 Fittest Men (1-50)

Alexander Zass Weightlifter
Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilder / Actor
Ashton Eaton Decathalon
Bjorn Daehlie Skiier
Bo Jackson NFL MLB
Bruce Jenner Decathalon
Bruce Lee Martial Artist
Carl Lewis Track and Field
Charles Atlas Bodybuilder
Chris Sharma Climber
Chuck Norris Tae Kwan Do, Actor
Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Player
Daniel Craig Actor
David Beckham Soccer Player
Dwyane Johnson NFL,WWE, Actor
Ed Viesturs Mountain Climber
Eugene Sandow Bodybuilder
Georg Hackenschmidt Strongman
Gerard Butler Actor
Greg Lemond Cyclist
Herschel Walker NFL
Jack LaLanne Health and Fitness
Jackie Robinson MLB Player
Jesse Owens Track and Field
Jet Li Martial Arts
Jim Thorpe Pentathlon and decathlon
Karl Malone NBA
Kelly Slater Surfer
Laird Hamilton Surfer
Lance Armstrong Cyclist
Lou Gehrig MLB Player
Manny Pacquiao Boxer
Mariusz Pudzianowski Strongman
Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein Model and Actor
Michael Jordan NBA
Michael Phelps Swimmer
Miguel Indurain Cyclist
Mitsuyo Maeda Jiu-Jitsu
Muhammad Ali Boxer
Oscar Pistorius Runner
Paavo Nurmi Runner
Ranulph Fiennes Marathon Runner
Richard Simmons Health and Fitness
Rick & Dick Hoyt Marathon’s and Triatholon’s
Roberto Clemente MLB Player
Steve Reeves Strongman Actor
Sylvester Stallone Actor
Walter Payton NFL
Willie Mays MLB Player



Bottom 50 of the 100 Fittest Men (51-100)

Adrian Peterson NFL Player
Alexander Karelin Greco-Roman Wrestling
B.J. Gaddour Mens Health Deltalift
Billy Blanks Mixed Martial Arts
Bob Hayes NFL Player
Brad Pitt Actor
Bryan Clay Decathlon
Cal Ripken, Jr. MLB Player
Chris Chelios NHL Player
Craig Alexander Ironman
Dave Scott Ironman
Dean Karnazes Runner
Drew Brees NFL Player
Dwight Howard NBA Player
Edwin Moses Runner
George Eiferman Bodybuilder
Georges St-Pierre UFC fighter
Graeme Obree Cyclist
Greg Louganis Olympic Diver
Harry Houdini Celebrity Magician
Hugh Jackman Actor
Jackie Chan Martial Arts
Jason Statham Action Star
Jean-Claude Van Damme Martial Artist and Kickboxer
Jerry Rice NFL Player
Jim Brown NFL Player
Joe Manganiello Actor
Johnny Weissmuller Water Polo
Jonah Lomu Rugby
Karch Kiraly Volleyball Player
Ken Shamrock Mixed Martial Arts
Kohei Uchimura Gymnast
L.L. Cool J Rapper
Magic Johnson NBA Player
Mark Spitz Swimmer
Michael Johnson Sprinter
Mr. T Actor
Paddy Doyle World Fitness Endurance Champion
Pat Tillman NFL Player
Ray Lewis NFL Player
Roman Sebrle Decathlon
Scott Jurek Runner
Steve Cotter Martial Artist
Terrell Owens NFL Player
Tiger Woods Golfer
Tommy Kono
Japanese-American weightlifter
Tony Horton P90X
Usain Bolt Track and Field
Vernon Davis NFL Player
Wanderlei Silva UFC fighter


Here is the link

Top 100 Fittest Men of All Time 

From Men’s Health October 2012


Go down to the comments and make your guess for who is the fittest. Then go to the article and see how close your pick was.

Is anyone missing from this list? Leave your comments.


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